Human Skeleton Discovered on Beach in Harper

Human Skeleton Discovered on Beach in Harper

A human skeleton has been discovered by local marketeers on the Beach in Harper City, Maryland County.

Hundreds of Harper residents, receiving the news on August 9, trekked to the scene with the hope of identifying who it could be, but none could identify the skeleton.

The skeleton was brought to shore by the wave of the Atlantic Ocean near a traditional town called Glebogbadeh, located between Lake Sheppard and the ocean.

The discovery of the skeleton comes weeks after a 47-year-old man identified as Boye Quire went missing when his canoe capsized while returning from fishing on July 19, 2021 at about 5:30 a.m. 

Some relatives and family members of Mr. Quire were seen weeping on the scene, suspecting that the skeleton might be his.

However, a vessel, Niko Ivanka, carrying over 29 persons and goods sank off the coast of Marshall, Margibi County on July 17 and most of those on board the vessel have not been discovered. 

The body of one of the victims of the Niko Ivanka was found in Grand Cape Mount County days after the incident, while another washed ashore in Marshall City. 

While it remains unclear whose skeleton was discovered on the beach in Harper, the Commander of the Crimes Services Division of the Liberia National Police, Inspector Fredrick Smith, has ordered the fishing community to bury the skeleton.