Grand Kru Supt Hails Caucus for Bolloh roads' US$45K

Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun.

Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris N. Ylatun has expressed her thanks and appreciation to the County Legislative Caucus for donating US$45,000 as an initial contribution towards the ongoing construction of the Bolloh Roads Project,  in Dorboh Statutory District.

Madam Superintendent on Thursday in an interview with reporters, said local roads are a crucial part of the county's infrastructure.  The 55-year-old Superintendent of Grand Kru County indicated that as many as over 20, 000 citizens are residing in the Bolloh communities and beyond and vehicles traveled miles on that road,  the construction and maintenance of roads are important.

"Local roads stimulate the economy and one of the public goods that benefit everyone in the economy, therefore, the contribution of the Caucus is commendable because it is critical to the economy, "Madam Ylatun said.

Also, scores of citizens across the Bolloh communities have also lauded the efforts of the Legislative Caucus of Grand Kru County—adding that it is a dream come true.

They averred that for too long they have experienced series of challenges in connecting to other parts of the county. The residents intoned the completion of the road project will now bring to end years of challenges they have faced, especially the business community of Bolloh in getting their goods across the District.

 It may be recalled that on Thursday, September 30, the Grand Kru Caucus in its continued effort to develop road networks in Grand Kru County to form vital links between communities,  towns, cities, and electoral districts, Caucus donated US$45,000.

The US$45,000 contribution is for the ongoing Bolloh Roads Project,  in Dorboh Statutory District. On a Facebook page of Deputy Speaker Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, who is also the Acting Chairman of the Grand Kru Legislative Caucus indicated that the US$45,000 represents a contribution from three of the four members of the Caucus.

"Senate Pro Tempore Hon. Albert T. Chie, House's Deputy Speaker Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa and Senator Numene T.H. Batekwa, Sr.,  each contributed  US$15,000 towards the establishment of the fund," Deputy Speaker  Koffa said. The Acting Grand Kru Legislative Caucus Chair said the US$45,000 has already been placed in an established Project Fund account for proper accounting and transparency. 

According to the Acting Caucus Chair, the special account is for donations from members of the Caucus for development works in the county including construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges as well as rehabilitation work from Wakpo to Jarkakpo and the new road construction ongoing from Jarkakpo to Poe.

Prior to the US$45,000; the Deputy Speaker previously donated four (4) drums of fuel to the Bolloh road, while Senator Bartekwa gave three drums of fuel.