Gold, Diamond Dealers Assoc. Described As Major Contributors to Liberia's Revenue Sector

Dealers post with the new Director of Mines at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Arthur C. Gotolo after the meeting

An official of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy says Gold and Diamond Dealers in Liberia have contributed immensely to the Liberian economy through the payment of royalties on the legal exportation of minerals from the Country.

Speaking at an acquaintanced interaction with the Gold and Diamond Dealers, the Director of Mines at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Arthur C. Gotolo, said the Gold and Diamond Dealers are important development partners to the Liberian government.

According to Director Gotolo, through revenue generated from the mining sector, especially from royalties on exporting minerals, the government is making meaningful interventions in addressing development challenges facing the country. He assured the Dealers that the Ministry of Mines and Energy maintains its collaboration with them, and will together achieve an improved and cordial work environment.

The Director of Mines was introduced to the Dealers Association on Thursday, July 29, 2021, by the Assistant Minister for Mines, Emmanuel T.T Swen, who was described as an excellent administrator by the President of the Dealers Association, Mustapha Tunkara. Mr. Tunkara said, Assistant Minister Swen has over the years demonstrated leadership in ensuring a conducive atmosphere for their respective business activities with the Ministry.

Dealers Association President Tunkara expressed openness in working along with the Mines Director and noted that they will continue to operate within the confines of the Mineral and Mining Laws of Liberia in their export of minerals from the Country. Scores of Ministry staff and officials including the Inspector-General for Mines, J. Obediah Z. Arku, graced the colorful ceremony.