“Fishmongers are Key Drivers To Economy”

The  Fish Facility in Robertsport

-- Says NaFAA DG

The Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, (NaFAA), Madam Emma Glassco has termed fishmongers as drivers of a country's given economy.

Fishmongers are women who purchase, process, and sell fish and other fish species to consumers.

The Director of Human Resources, Siekula Vannie, who proxied for Madam Emma Metieh Glassco  and   led a team from the office of the First Lady on an assessment tour of the Robertsports fishing cluster in Grand Cape County, acknowledged that without the fishmongers, fish and other fish species would not reach the plates for consumption.

Madam Glassco noted through her proxy that NaFAA with interventions from local and international partners will help to improve the livelihoods of Fishmongers to ensure the continuous supply of fish on the local markets.  

Also addressing a group of fishmongers on Tuesday at the Fish Cluster, the Deputy Chief of Staff in the office of the First Lady of Liberia reiterated her plans to work collaboratively with NaFAA to improve the lives of women in fisheries referred to as fishmongers.

James Kortu disclosed that the First Lady of Liberia, Madam Clar Weah, is prepared to work closely with NaFAA for the provision of basic infrastructures for fishmongers so as to create a conducive environment which would enhance productivity.

Kortu stressed that Madam Clar Weah's priority since assuming the role as first lady of Liberia is to improve the lives of women, as fishmongers are no exception to this plan.

The Deputy Chief of Staff in the office of First Lady Clar Weah commended NaFAA Boss, Madam Glassco, for closely interacting with first lady Clar Weah to improve the lives of Fishmongers across Liberia.

It can be recalled that in June 2021, the First Lady of Liberia disclosed plans to construct a modernized smoke oven facility for fishmongers/women in Fisheries in the Popo beach fishing community, stating that the land for the fisheries project has already been secured with all relevant documents available.

In furtherance of the plan, a delegation from the office of the first lady led by the Deputy Chief of Staff visited the Robertsports Fish Landing Cluster to tour the facility.

The Fishmongers, through their representatives, commended the first lady delegation for the tour and expressed the hope that Madam Clar Weah’s plans to transform the lives of fishmongers will become a reality.

Meanwhile, the Inspector of the City of Robersports, Eric Pinney, pointed out that the deplorable condition of the Robersports road is impeding economic growth in Grand Cape Mount County and Liberia at large.

Inspector Pinney said despite the availability of the huge World Bank fish landing cluster which adds value to fishermen and fishmongers fishing businesses and the existence of Lake Piso which is for tourists’ attraction, the deplorable road condition in Robertsport still remains a major challenge to the livelihood improvement of the people.

The Robertsports City Inspector has therefore called for an immediate intervention toward the improvement of the road condition.