FIFA Forward 3.0: Liberia to Benefit up to $8M for 4 Years

LFA president, Mustapha Raji (second from right) alongside FIFA delegation that traveled to  Liberia  in October to  tour ongoing projects  

The world football governing body, FIFA, is set to provide more funding and support for football development projects across the world than ever before through its FIFA Forward FIFA Development Program.

The football development program is designed to offer comprehensive, individually tailored support for the growth of football in each member association and the six confederations. 

Additionally, it aims to advance FIFA President Gianni Infantino's vision by making football truly global and boosting the sport's level of competition on a global scale.

With over 2.8 billion USD committed to a diverse array of plans that provide locally-relevant backing to the needs of the six confederations and 211 member associations during the last two editions (FIFA Forward 1.0 and 2.0), which started in 2016, the next four-year cycle, which runs from 2023 to 2026, “represents an increase in football development investment of almost 30% and is a direct consequence of the reinforced governance and financial situation of the new FIFA since 2016.”

Up to US$5 million will be given to each Member Association (MA), including Liberia, to cover operational costs associated with football-related activities, and US$3 million will be used to carry out well-thought-out, targeted football projects that help achieve long-term football development goals.

Liberia and other MAs must fulfill the requirements set forth in order to receive development funds; the LFA was successful in doing so during the previous cycle.

In addition, member associations that are deemed to require the most support will get up to US$1.2 million each to cover for cost of travel and accommodation for their national teams as well as football equipment gear.

Liberia is among the MAs that requires the most help and has benefited from it in previous cycles. 

FIFA forward regulations state that “a member association is identified as needing the most assistance, for the purpose of the contributions above, if their annual revenues (excluding funds from the forward program as well as funds from any other FIFA programme/ initiative) do not exceed USD 4 million.”

FIFA forward funds account for more than 65 percent of the Liberia Football Association's income.

Liberia received US$11,366,610 during the recently completed cycle (FIFA Forward 2.0), which is 98 percent of the FIFA Forward Fund to which it was entitled from 2016 to 2022.

The FIFA Forward Impact Map shows that $5,500,000 (48.4%) was spent on operations, $1,695,000 (14.9%) on travel and equipment, and US$4,171,610 (36.7%) on ten stadium and headquarters projects.

Additionally, FIFA will give each confederation US$60 million to develop, promote, and coordinate football in the regions of its member associations, as well as up to US$5 million to each zonal/regional association to coordinate regional football competitions for adults, children, and youth.