FIFA Countries to Benefit US$8M from Forward Fund 3.0

The regulations and requirements of the new FIFA Forward 3.0 are expected to be released later by FIFA.  

Each member association of FIFA, including Liberia, will now receive US$8 million in a four-year period (2023-2026) according to the new FIFA Forward 3.0 development funds which have seen an increase of 25%. 

Adopted by the FIFA Congress on 9 May 2016, the FIFA Forward Development Programme is built to provide 360-degree, tailor-made support for football development in each member association and the six confederations based on three principles: ​more investment, more impact, more oversight.

“The aim is to improve the way we develop and support across the globe so that football can reach its potential in every single country, and everyone who wants to take part can do so without barriers,” FIFA says. 

The development fund comes with regulations and requirements that each member association must meet to receive their entitlement.  

Speaking at the FIFA congress on Thursday, Infantino said “a 25% increase means that, compared to 2016, when I arrived as FIFA President, each member association will now receive around (USD) 8 million in a four-year period,” the FIFA President said in advance of the Congress approving the detailed budget for 2023. This corresponds to seven times more than what was the case before 2016. A sevenfold increase of money that goes where it has to go: into solidarity projects, football development projects. This USD 2.2 billion will go straight to the member associations’ development programmes.”

The regulations and requirements of the new FIFA Forward 3.0 are expected to be released later by FIFA.

Liberia and other member associations were fortunate in 2020 to benefit from some of their entitlements of the ongoing cycle, FIFA Forward 2.0 (2016-2022) after FIFA relaxed restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the FIFA Forward Impact Map, a tool that allows a 360-degree overview of FIFA’s development programme, Liberia has received

US$10,706,970 since 2016 with 48.1 percent (US$5,500,000) used for operational costs,

14.8 percent (US$1,695,000) on travel and equipment and 37.1 percent (US$4,250,000) on projects, including the FA’s new headquarters and the mini-stadiums.