Female Lawyer Accuses Koijee of Threatening Her Life

Cllr. Kuku Dorbor

Cllr. Kuku Dorbor, a female defense lawyer in the murder trial of former Chief Justice Cllr. Glorious Musu Scott, has expressed concern for her safety. Dorbor claimed that Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee made life-threatening remarks towards her during his testimony at Criminal Court ‘A’ in Monrovia.

“My life is not safe for Koijee to threaten my life in court in front of the Presiding judge, saying I ‘will see’ is not a joke and can’t be taken lightly,” Cllr. Kuku disclosed. 

She stated that she takes these threats seriously and believes they should not be ignored, particularly since Koijee has been sanctioned by the U.S. for human rights abuse and corruption.

Kuku plans to file an official complaint with the Montserrado Attorney General's office and the Liberia National Police, seeking redress.

The murder case involves the death of Charloe Musu on February 22, with former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three family members being charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, and making false statements to law enforcement officers.

During Koijee's appearance in court on Wednesday, he admitted to being the owner of a GSM number, which defense lawyers are arguing seems to have been used in a communication during the night of the murder. Former Chairman of the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Cllr. Jerome J. Vernier Sr. has since accused Koijee of sending his bodyguard to carry out the murder. 

The Supreme Court earlier this week granted defense lawyers’ request, approving the Monrovia City Mayor's appearance to testify as a special witness for the defense in the ongoing trial of Charloe Musu’s murder after his presence was initially blocked. 

The reversal came after the Presiding Chambers Justice of the Supreme Court overturned a ruling by Judge Roosevelt Willie of Criminal Court ‘A’, which initially protected Koijee from testifying. In the recent reversal, Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie emphasized the defendant’s right to present evidence that could potentially exonerate them. 

This ruling stemmed from the defense’s request to subpoena Koijee, Mohammed Keita (known to be a strong ally to him), as well as the two GSM companies, Orange and Lonestar, in order to provide telephone call exchanges involving Koijee, Keita, Varlee Telleh (a special bodyguard of the city mayor), Moses Wright (officer of the Genesis Security Guard Services assigned to the home of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott), and Telleh’s wife. 

Koijee appeared on Wednesday, December 13, in a trial that has spanned several months and is now approaching its final stages of testimony. Following Koijee’s inclusion, Keita, Orange, Lonestar, and Telleh’s wife were also ordered to testify as special witnesses in the murder case. 

In earlier decisions, Judge Willie denied the defense lawyers’ requests to subpoena Mayor Koijee and the others, citing a lack of specificity, evidence, or disclosure of their motives. Additionally, he rejected similar applications for the GSM companies to produce call logs for Koijee and the other subpoenaed individuals.

Mayor Koijee, who is also the Secretary General of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, has faced recent sanctions by the U.S. government.