US$10.7M GoL Debt Case Begins Today

Businessman George Haddad (center) is hoping for positive movement in a case has been with the court since 2012 without any decision to determine its merits and demerits.

The US$10.7 million lawsuit brought by Prestige and Alliance Motors against the Government of Liberia (GoL) is expected to resume today. The case was indefinitely suspended because judges at the Commercial Court were absent when the hearing was scheduled.

Even though the matter is scheduled for today, it has been with the court since 2012 without any decision to determine its merits and demerits.

Up to press time last night, it was not clear whether the court will compel the GoL to proceed with the case, something it has not been able to do for the past six years.

The Sherman and Sherman Law Firm, representing the legal interests of businessman George Haddad, in 2012, filed a lawsuit against the Liberian government contending that from 2000 to 2008, Haddad sold and repaired vehicles and supplied spare parts amounting to US$10.7 million to several government institutions. Unfortunately, government is yet to pay the debt, despite Haddad’s persistent negotiation, the lawyers said.

The vehicles included Grand Cherokees, Land Rovers, Leons, etc.

Haddad is the Chief Executive Officer of Prestige Motor Corporation and Alliance Motor Corporation.

The government, represented by Cllr. Augustine Fayiah, earlier asked the court to drop the case, claiming lack of jurisdiction. He, however, did not deny nor confirm government owing Haddad the money in question.

Fayiah’s argument was that the Commercial Court was established in 2010, which means the law that created it also prevents it from hearing cases before it was established.

He further argued that if the court continues with the matter, it would be a complete violation of the Constitution and the Act that created it.

He, however, pleaded that the court should advise Haddad’s lawyers to file their complaint to the appropriate court, which he did not name.


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