“Don’t Just Wait for Opportunities, Create Them”

 -- President Weah Admonishes Young Liberian Women

President George Weah has urged the young people of Liberia, mainly girls, who are endeavoring to prepare and advance themselves for a better future, not to sit supinely, but go the extra mile and create opportunities for themselves.

President Weah called on the young people of Liberia to always disabuse their minds of the concept of origin and occupation but should pursue and make use of opportunities that would come their way, stressing that there will always be opportunities.

In a special statement Friday, October 22, 2021, at “Go, Girl, Lead” Cohort-2 Graduation at the Monrovia City Hall, the President called on young people, mainly the graduating students all of whom are girls, to emulate the examples of other accomplished Liberians, including former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Clar Marie Weah and himself.

“You also listened to several other speakers and if you are not motivated by their stories, then you will never be motivated,” the Liberian Leader told the graduating class. “Everyone shared their life experiences; the obstacles they faced and how they overcame it. They talked about determination, resilience, and strength; they talked about struggle and hope and functions. They told you everything they endured to be what they are today.”

He reminded the young people of how former President Sirleaf used so many fora to share her life experience, and how she persevered to realize her dreams.

“She told the Liberian people her life story,” the President said. “Today is the First Lady and other accomplished leaders. Besides congratulating you, they all told you to be strong, be courageous, be confident, be resilient, work hard, apply yourself, and know what you want.”

The Liberian President who is fondly referred to as Feminist-in-Chief for his sustained support to gender issues urged the students to take a cue from the First Lady and the excellent food for thought she provided.

“I hope you listened to her very attentively; she is an example of everything you want to be. So her speech should inspire you. Listen to her; she has spoken with a deep emotion that is borne of an experience that is very real and relevant.”

Most importantly, the Liberian Chief Executive used his speech to highlight the importance of education as the surest way to success, encouraging the graduates to always be motivated as they pursue greater future opportunities.

“Although you have finished this training, there is a next level to achieve. There is always another level so prepare yourselves. You have the gold now, but to get to the diamond, you have to dig deeper. This is just the beginning,” the President said. 

The Program, run by Libpedia and Books Before Boys Inc., is intended to mentor young people into leadership skills.