Diaspora Organizations Donate Covid-19, School Materials

As COVID 19 has begun to devastate communities in the diaspora and Liberia, several Organizations based in the diaspora have donated covid-19 and school Materials to the national leadership of the Women Congress Liberia.

Materials donated included N-95 Masks, hand sanitizers, a brand-new laptop, a wheelchair, school supplies, cash for the payment of a brand-new printer to the leadership headed by Chairlady, Madam Selena Mappy. 

According to the release, the representatives from Foundation for African Children Education and Health Services, (FACEHS), Liberian Initiative for Transformation & Enlightenment (LITE), African Children Foundation (AFC), and Sehwah Liberia Inc will receive hand sanitizers and N-95 masks for distribution to their various communities

 The statement said the donation was made possible with the help of Professor Bestman Larmena, Project Coordinator in Sacramento, California, and Mrs. Debra Lawson Fasuiyi and Mr. Tarwo Fasuiyi who donated school supplies and decided to collaborate with Women for Women, Inc. and Unity Party USA/Canada Women Congress to usher services that may seem lacking or limited in Liberia. 

"The Showers of Blessings Church of God in Christ in Sacramento California was donating hand sanitizers and masks to communities in Sacramento and informed Madam Tuwe Mehn, President of FACEHS about the donations," the release said.

The statement said Madam Tuwe immediately informed Chairlady, Bendu Hunter who shared the desire to Pastor Thomas for Women Inc. and Unity Party USA/Canada Women Congress to send these same supplies to the people of Liberia. 

This med to the Pastor, Dr. Donald Thomas immediately instructing that the church give boxes of hand sanitizers and boxes of N-95 masks to be shipped to Liberia. 

 "These contributions symbolize our commitment and loyalty to the growth and development of our Country and Nation and in support of the women especially during this pandemic," the statement said.

 "Moreover, we want to in this public manner make it very clear that we will continue to work in the interest of Women in Leadership, Children, and Families in Liberia," according to the release. 

The release also indicated few N-95 masks and hand sanitizers were presented to the Women for Women, Inc.  President, Madam Dorothy McCauley for distribution in the communities. 

They expressed thanks to everyone who was involved in the shipping process, stating "As Gertrude Stein once said, "America is my country, but Paris is my hometown." To re-phrase, America is our Country, but Liberia will always be our home!" We love you, thank you for your support and May God Blessed all of you and keep you all safe. Special thanks to FDKTV, James Q.K. Chelley, webmaster in the USA, and the rest of the Press for your coverage of this story."

“Our Mission Is To Empower our Members, Mentor Younger Women in Communities Around the World and to Provide Humanitarian Support to Women and Children in Need.” The Leaders are Madam Meama Doua, President, Madam Bendu Hunter, Vice President, Madam Christiana Wilson, Board Chairlady, Madam Yedeh Wilson, Secretary, Madam Fatu Yah Cooper, Treasurer, Mrs. Debra Lawson Fasuiyi, and Mr. Tarwo Fasuiyi, Members. Also, Madam Dorothy McCauley, President, Liberia Branch, and Rev. Khartouma Grabo Harris, Chairlady, Liberia Branch.