Deacon Telee Brown Foundation Extends Benevolence to Liberians

Some of the beneficiaries of Deacon Telee Brown gestures during the festive season.

A US-based Liberian organization named and styled “Deacon Telee Brown Foundation” has extended its benevolence to scores of Liberians residing in Montserrado and Bomi Counties, respectively.

The foundation through their initiative donated food items ranging from bags of rice and hot meals to over 165 persons including women and children as a way to put smiles on their faces during the festive season that goes to complement the saying; "the spirit of Christmas is sharing and caring". 

With smiles blinking on their faces accompanied by singing worship songs, Mother Susan Musu Browne, Pastor of God’s Power Ministries International in Kpanwen Community, lower Johnsonville, expressed gratitude to the Executive Director of the Foundation for the donation of rice to her members and other community residents.

Mother Browne said though this is not the first of such gestures benefited by her ministry from the foundation, but this is the first gesture that has also benefited members of her church including community dwellers.

She expressed joy that the kids and elderly women who are disadvantaged by circumstances in society, will have food to share with their families as a result of this donation. 

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing these children and their parents having food to eat for the festive season. We have motherless, fatherless children and we also have widows, helpless and needy children here and some of us were even thinking how for them to eat but not knowing God had prepared Deacon Telee Brown to send something for us here. So we are grateful to him and his wife Mrs. Princess Brown for the donation and may God bless and favor them,” Pastor Browne said.  

Meanwhile on behalf of the beneficiaries, Ma Zoe Gbelee lauded the Foundation for remembering their ministry and members in this Christmas and New Year seasons as she prays God’s divine favor and blessing in the lives of he and his family. 

“I was so impressed when I heard that people from overseas were locating our ministry, then I knew that the God we are serving is a God of time. I am thankful to our overseer who prays and God answers speedily.

Again, we are very impressed and are calling on our donor partner(s) to come and get to know us in person through a visit to our ministry. We are very happy and grateful to everyone who contributed in order to make this donation a success for us.” 

In addition to the donation, scores of children in Klay District Bomi County were also served hot meals and at the same time benefited from the donation of several bags of rice as Christmas gifts.

Both donations were made recently, in observance of the Christmas and New Year seasons.

For his part, the Executive Director of Foundation, Deacon Telee Browne in a communication said the gesture is his organization's way of sharing the blessings of God to mankind by sending his son Jesus Christ for the remittance of our sins.

Deacon Browne added that God sends his son not only to save us from troubles, but to also bless us and such blessings must be shared with others.

“it’s our way of sharing the blessings God has shared with us by sending his son (Jesus) to bless and save us from our troubles”. Deacon Brown said.

The Deacon Telee Brown Giving Back Foundation is a duly recognized non- for-profit humanitarian organization, that has afforded a series of opportunities to Liberians in every sector of the country.

Some of the charitable services rendered by the foundation since its establishment includes, awarding of full academic scholarships for underprivileged children, the donation of Covid-19 preventive materials to some Liberians, donation of chorister gowns to some churches and the provision of food items to needy people in Liberia.