Cummings: “Unexplained Deaths Threaten our Peace"

Alexander Cummings of the ANC said "Together, we are stronger. The Liberian people have shown us that they are more willing to trust us if we are together."


The frequency of mysterious deaths, unsolved murders, ritualistic killings and disappearances which has characterized the nearly five-year rule of UN the CDC-led government under President George Weah, is alarming, worrisome and frightening," says Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress.

The ANC leader noted that the many unsolved deaths have increased fear, insecurity, and heightened panic among the general citizenry.

"No responsible government would allow its people to live in a state of fear and rising crimes," he said. "President Weah's administration actions and inactions have shown that they are irresponsible, and they do not care about the Liberian people." The mysterious deaths of Princess Cooper, 25, and Melvin Togba, 36, both of which occurred on March 24, 2022, have joined the long list of unsolved cases over the last few years. Citizens do die in every country. Murders do occur. But governments have a sacred duty to solve it - to catch the murders and punish them."

Even this, Cummings noted "we cannot trust President Weah and his administration to do. Since the inception of this government, there has reportedly been more than 20 mysterious deaths, gruesome murders still unsolved, ritualistic killings and disappearances, with little or no reasonable information to the public on the results of announced investigations, if any."

These include the deaths of:

  1. John Hilary Tubman, son of former Pres. William V.S Tubman,
  2. Baptist prelate William R. Tolbert III, son of former Pres. William Tolbert,
  3. Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) official, Matthew Innis linked to the missing L$16 billion
  4. CBL driver Kollie Ballah.
  5. Immigration officer, Ms. Maude Elliot,
  6. Head of the Internal Audit Agency Emmanuel Barten Nyesuah
    Liberia Revenue Authority Auditors
  7. Gifty Asmah Lama
  8. Albert Peters and
  9. George Fanbutu.
  10. Alexander Yeahnur of Rivergee,
  11. Ms. Eliza Robert of Maryland,
  12. Ms. Hawa of Grand Cape Mount County
  13. Mulbah Kunyon, also of Cape Mount.
  14. Afoa Williams of District Nine, Montserrado County,
  15. Ma Nowai of the Johnsonville area,
  16. The St. Moses Funeral Parlor case- Siafa, Robert, Blamo, and Blama, and Little Odell Sherman, amongst others not named. We continue to pray for their families, and the peaceful repose of their souls, even as the Liberian Government fails them, their families, and destroys the peace and security of our society so that people are now living in fear.

According to Cummings, police authorities are said to be investigating the most recent murders but "we await, without any certainty, that it would not be business as usual."

He added already, so-called preliminary reports from the police are stating no signs of foul play in Princess’ death. This is heartbreaking and although said to be preliminary is already conclusive.

Cummings added that the growing number of unexplained deaths, mysterious murders, and disappearances threaten our peace and security, and undermine prospects for economic recovery. He noted that no serious investor will look to invest in a country with rising crimes with a government unwilling or unable to solve mysterious deaths, murders, and disappearances.

"Where there is no guaranteed security of individual citizens and a strong commitment to the rule of law, the economy will collapse further and recovery will be stalled. Economic conditions will worsen and the hardship on our people will continue. Solving murders and stopping crimes are indispensable to job creation, economic recovery, and development," Cummings said.

"We can no longer gamble the safety and security of our people. Our Constitution provides for the security of all persons and yet the government has failed to do so," he said. "The time, resources, and energy that this government spends on political prosecutions should be spent on finding the culprits of these egregious crimes against our people and giving relief to our scared, shaken, and despondent citizenry."

"We call on this government to strengthen our security sector to prevent the occurrences of these wanton killings, speed up investigations, and bring to justice those culpable for these heinous crimes. We can no longer accept business as usual while our people die like flies. My condolences to families, friends, and loved ones of the victims and to everyone who has lost a loved one under mysterious circumstances without redress," Cummings added.