Cummings Lobbies US Congress for Presidential Ambition

ANC Standard Bearer, Alexander B. Cummings

The leader of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander B. Cummings, has traveled to the US to seek support among influential members of the United States Congress towards his presidential bid.

Cummings, who is yet to reveal the name of the Congressman and women he is expected to meet, is in the US to pitch himself as the better alternative to challenge President Weah in the 2023 presidential election.

His move comes after boycotting the Collaborating Parties’ leadership transitional ceremony from Liberty Party to Unity Party, and amid internal wrangling that has unsettled the opposition groups.

While in the US, Cummings is expecting to inform those members of Congress he is scheduled to meet that, come the 2023 presidential election, he will be challenging President George Weah of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change.

Key issues expected to be discussed are his perspective on Liberia and how the U.S. Government and Liberia can develop a more cohesive and stronger partnership.

“These meetings are strictly introductory meetings, get to know you meetings. It is about introducing myself, letting them know who I am, what I bring to the table, and understanding their interest and their perspective for the country,” said Cummings in an interview with Voice of America’s Night Line Africa program on October 16.

The ANC political leader further said that his trip is also intended to inform US Congress members that he has better ideas for jump-starting Liberia’s economy which, he argued, continues to experience inflation, which hurts the average Liberian.

He added his quest to become President is about finding solutions to the many problems Liberians face. 

“With my private sector experience and success and my experience in finance and economics and understanding about investing, uniquely qualifies us to bring the most needed capital investment growth to Liberia.”

“Under president Weah’s presidency, it is a known fact -- not because I am in the opposition -- all the key indicators in our country seem to be going the wrong way and backward,” Cummings noted. “And so, given my background, given my experience, I’m better qualified in fixing the number one key challenge facing our country.”

Meanwhile, Cummings has told the VOA that his conviction for the establishment of a War and Economic crimes court is based on the level of impunity surrounding corruption and blatant disregard for the rule of law.

According to him, the Court establishment will reconcile the country as a means of bringing peace to those who suffered during the country-14 years of civil war and to end corruption and impunity.

“We will like the War and Economics Crime court to be established for two reasons. Firstly, to reconcile our country, make sure people who are hurt by the actions and inactions of others find peace in their hearts. Secondly, to end impunity, corruption and move forward as a country and people. You cannot have a country or an organization where people completely disregard the rule of law, thinking they can break the rules, break the laws and get away with it.”

But asked if he was going to engage President Weah for the Court, he responded in the affirmative – stressing the importance of political actors’ involvement.

“We cannot do it without involving the political actors. To do this without it being a witch-hunt or seen as targeting a few; to see that justice prevails, and to see that we answer the issues of retributive justice, there has to be a collective pursuit to doing this. We can put the past behind us and build the foundation for the future. So absolutely, I am enthusiastically ready to recommend and engage all political actors,” he said.