‘CPP Framework Tampered With’

"Such a despicable and woeful act, if permitted to happen, will spell upon the CPP a brazen doom,” Urey says.


But Urey is yet to says under whose leadership  the tempering took place

A leading figure in the Collaborating Political Parties has alarmed that the framework governing the opposition political group of parties has been altered. 

The alarm, which was raised by former CPP Chairman and Political leader of the All Liberian Party, Benoni Urey, has been communicated to the Chairperson of CPP, Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence. However, Urey remains tight-lipped about who exactly had the document altered. In his communication to Sen. Karnga Lawrence, Urey accused some high-ranking members of the CPP of dubiously, viciously, and purposefully altering the framework document binding the four political parties.

“Madam Chair, this letter essentially seeks to inform you that the All Liberian Party (ALP) has reliably learned that certain portions and clauses within the organic framework document of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) have been dubiously, viciously, and purposefully altered allegedly by some nefarious individuals within the hierarchy of the CPP — and replaced by ‘Alien Clauses’ to engender ulterior motives,” the communication read.

According to Urey, while the ALP would not want to cast aspersions and make fast conclusions, he has obtained his information from unimpeachable sources, whose information is correct. In the letter, Urey noted that his party is cautioned not to take this information for granted because if such subversive maneuvering is not decisively foiled and diminished, the CPP must brace for a fate of fatal consequences.

“It is no gainsaying that such a despicable and woeful act if permitted to happen, will spell upon the CPP a brazen doom,” he said. “The ALP, therefore, kindly requests you, Madam Chair, to launch an immediate investigation into this troubling allegation in a bid to avert with rapidity what seems a potential looming danger that would potentially derail the CPP and dash the hope of the Liberian people, whose only alternative for genuine redemption and transformation is the CPP if this machination is not crushed sooner than later. We MUST not let our people down, especially in such a time of sprawling socioeconomic despair.”

Urey further urged Sen. Lawrence to ensure that the investigation requested is fair, transparent, and credible, and should be carried out by an independent investigative panel to probe the matter with the greatest degree of urgency and exigency. 

“The Investigative Panel, we suggest, must be a FOUR-MAN investigative panel, comprising ranking and reputable persons. To begin with, we hereby request that the CPP, through your leadership, immediately notify the National Election Commission (NEC) as to the alleged notorious tampering with the Framework documents by unscrupulous individuals and respectfully retrieve the current copy of the Framework within the NEC’s possession,” the ALP standard bearer added.

He also requested that the current framework copy with NEC, when retrieved, should be compared and verified with the original and organic copy on which the signatures of all four leaders of the CPP are affixed.

“On this matter should mark the beginning of the investigation which should be finalized and findings submitted within at least one week. Considering the existential threat afoot, we humbly encourage you to give this matter enormous attention and ensure that it is effectively and expeditiously resolved to a logical conclusion and anyone found culpable be dealt with in keeping with the law. With assurances of the highest esteem we remain,"  Urey’s communication noted.

The letter was also copied to Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Political Leader, Unity Party, and Alexander Benedict Cummings, Political Leader, Alternative National Congress.