Court Judgments Should Not Be for Money

A view shows the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, Liberia on November 3, 2017.


...Judge Carey cautions colleagues

The Assigned Judge of Criminal Court 'C' has advised his colleagues against using individual judgments for financial gain.

Judge Ciapha Carey instead asked his colleagues to see themselves as people render judgment without any fear or favor, regardless of who is involved. The statement of caution by Judge Carey to his judicial colleagues comes amid numerous concerns raised by local and international development partners that the Judiciary is the most corrupt public institution in the country.

Judge Carey told his fellow judges that though there are many challenges in the justice system involving benefits and logistics, it should not be seen as a reason to engage in acts that undermine the integrity of the office of a judge.

“Judgement should not be for sale, nor shall it be delayed, as justice delayed is justice denied. Justice will be dispensed expeditiously to all who seek justice and it will be rendered without fear or favor, no matter who is involved,” Carey said as he delivered his judge’s charge, at the opening of the November 2021 Term of Criminal Courts A, B, C, D and E, for Montserrado County.

Pledging judges support to upholding the judicial canons and the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, Carey said, "We pledge to you today, Mr. Chief Justice, that we will maintain the independence of our office, and to give hope that the court is where to run for judicial relief.”

As judges and administrators of justice, Carey emphasized, “we seek no approval or authorization from any source for our actions or decisions rendered in cases, neither do we wait until there is an echo from the crowd backed by numbers before we can act.

“Our decisions and actions are ours alone based purely on our inner conviction, driven by settled principles of law.”

Judge Carey reminded his colleagues that the Judiciary, as the custodian of equal and impartial justice, is committed to ensuring that justice prevails in all cases brought before the court.

Also cautioning the ministerial, clerical and support staff assigned to the various courts, he warned: “We will not tolerate any act of interfering with cases; you are not a lawyer; stay away from lawyering.”

Carey likewise warned the prospective jurors that they are there to perform a civil duty for the country and not to get any reward from anyone for the services they are there to perform.

“You are not to engage yourself in any act that undermines the jury and court systems. If you are caught soliciting bribes, you would be investigated and, if found guilty, you will also be dealt with according to the law,” Carey said.