Congratulatory Messages on Liberia’s Historic Presidential Election

Through our email box, felicitations have been pouring in from our readers in and out of Liberia, following the election of Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai as the next President of the Republic of Liberia.  Here are a few:


I want to extend my congratulations to the President-elect, Hon. Joseph Boakai. It is sad my younger brother Leon Ledlum is not alive to congratulate him on his extensive and persistent campaign to win the presidency. I know President Boakai will remember him dearly. I believe, now, that Liberians will enthusiastically go to work on Mama Liberia and be more proud of their country Liberia. Long live Liberia. 

John Ledlum 


A New Liberia

Congratulations to the President-elect, H. E. Joseph N. Boakai. Liberians in Sweden do now hope that Liberians at home will now create a New Liberia indeed, remote from all forms of ethnicities. Impartial educational system must indeed be one of the foremost steps in building a New Liberia. I sincerely wish President Joseph N. Boakai all the Best in that respect. 

With Compliments, 

Paul B. Namerius 


Towards security, unity, economic development, education…

Honorable President-elect, His Excellency, Ambassador Joseph Boakai:

Allow us (The Deaf Community in Liberia and those Abroad) to join in congratulating you on this historical election as President of the Republic of Liberia.

We wish you continued success in performing the duties and responsibilities of the office of President fairly, as you work to deliver the goals and aims and bring the people of Liberia together on the path towards strengthened national security, unity, economic development, education, and well-being. 

We strongly hope that Liberia under your presidency and administration will continue to develop, and you will expand the dialogue and inclusivity, with joint cultural, educational and tourist projects which will further deepen mutual trust, opening even more avenues for active cooperation between our citizens in business, trade and innovation. 

Once again, congratulations on your presidential victory, President-elect Joseph N. Boakai. 

Please accept the assurances of our highest consideration on this immense journey you embarked on, since that is bestowed upon you today and lead the Liberian people with trust, honesty, inclusiveness, loyalty, and equality.

Like the world respects you as an ambassador, we pray that with the guidance of Our Omnipotent Being, the world, after your tenure, will also respect and recognize you as the great President of this Republic.

We pray and hope you implement your duties and responsibilities as President of Liberia without fear or favor but fairly and inclusive.

May God bless us and may God bless Liberia.

Ambassador Abdullah Tani Konateh

Deaf Advocate for Deaf community in Liberia 

Liberia Needs to Fast, Pray, Repent

Yes! He did it. God answered my prayer. I asked God for a change in Liberia. Now, you all have a new leader. To get ahead, Liberia needs to fast, pray and repent of her sins. God can and will forgive. Liberia as a nation, needs to look to God for answers. Do not look to man. God will work through man. Pray for your president, fast for him, work with him. Do not sit and just wait for things to change. Get involved. 

Joseph Kasiah 


Hats Off to President George Weah!

Hats off to President George Weah for the very mature and Statesmanlike concession message. The World applauds President Weah for his magnanimous action.

The World respects Liberians for their maturity, not that there was any doubt about that.

Congratulations to incoming President Joseph Boakai.

Dr. Kofi Ellison

Washington, DC