Community Radio Contributor Commits Suicide

One of the Nimba community radio correspondents, Wallace Gbengon, has taken his life away by hanging in the town of Zahnboyi in Electoral District 8.  Gbengon was a contributor for both Radio Kergheaman in Ganta and Radio Seclapea.

His lifeless body was discovered hanging on Tuesday, July 6 in the town believed to be the home of wife.

What led him to take away his life is yet to be established, as citizens, radio listeners raise concern and question why a normal person should commit suicide.

"We woke up and saw him hanging in his son’s porch," a source from Zahnboyi, where the incident took place told this paper.

Other reports suggest that the late Gbengon has been complaining of encountering hardship, which accordingly he could not bear, while another report says he was suffering from severe headache that caused him mental disorder.

There is no document left by him to inform the public about the reason for hanging himself to death.

"He died from strangulation by hanging, and we do not notice any foul play," said Mr. Alex Zawolo Nyan, a member of a coronary jury set up to investigate the death.

He was immediately laid rest on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 upon taking him down from the rope he used to hang himself.

His wife, children and a host of other relatives in Liberia and other parts of the world survive him.

His sudden death has created concerns among the population, with tributes flowing in from communities covered by the stations he contributed to their news and programs.

The late Wallace Gbengon was reporting from the southern part of Nimba closed to Bong County.

He reported on diverse issues including politics, crimes, social, legal and development issues.
His reports gave insight to the public and other media outlets of what is happening in the central - west and the southern part of Nimba.

The late Gbengon was a citizen of Duo Township in Meinpea Man Administrative District, but on Monday, he reportedly went to his wife’s hometown within the same clan where he stayed and committed suicide.

“We had lost a great correspondent,” both Radios Kergheaman and Saclepea have said in their tributes.