Our Peace Clubs: Undiluted Experience


The way young people live tells the story of who they are. Although Harris Harkangon Gonqueh is a full time student with the University of Liberia and has a part-time teaching assignment with a school in Springfield, Community-Airfield-Sinkor, Monrovia, he still finds time to volunteer with Messengers of Peace-Liberia as youth coordinator. He, like every young male volunteer, has been instrumental to the successful implementation of our various programmes like the ‘dollar for peace campaign’ among others.

Harris, upon joining MOP-Liberia, believes in direct experience that immerses him in the elements he loves-volunteering for peace.

The stories of our volunteers’ action that we’ve always been drawn to are the unfiltered ones that take us out of the usual and predictable youth activities into the selfless services of young people behind the scene doing great things for the benefit of many through helping young people find new areas to make them responsible citizens.

We look to our peace volunteers for inputs from their youth based activities, passion and commitment to peace and we partner with them to provide a holistic approach to sustainable peace in Liberia. According to David McCullough Jr., “… The great and curious truth of the human experience is that selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself”.

In his own words, Harris reveals how he plans to inspire others through his undiluted experience. Read on:

My name is Harris Kankeh Harkangon Gonqueh, Age 27, a senior student of the University of Liberia majoring in Biology and Chemistry as minor. I am a permanent resident and an official member of the Springfield Community, Airfield, Sinkor, Monrovia. 

In 2012, I declared my membership to Messengers of Peace (MOP) – Liberia through the strong influence of Miss. Charney Rogers, a onetime special assistant to the Executive Director of Messengers of Peace – Liberia, Miss. Gwendolyn S. Myers.

Initially, during the inception of our interaction, Miss. Rogers expounded and divulged the key values of Messengers of Peace. After sifting the organization for a period of time, I became deeply motivated especially when I saw those professed values being truly demonstrated by those I met on board and especially through a young and energetic Executive Director of this trust worthy cost (Messengers Of Peace – Liberia).

The Messengers of Peace – Liberia (MOP) is an embodiment of stout hearted and undeviating Volunteers from diverse background, standing for key Peace values. Members of Messengers of Peace – Liberia (MOP) are staunch pacifists- i.e. peace lovers.

Messengers of Peace take serious indignation at social injustices, believing that social injustices are the recipe for internal conflict. They also glower at vindictive justice and really have an unyielding courage to conscientiously object to any form of violence anywhere in the world.

Based on this backdrop, I am far more passionate to contribute my quotas in making these values viable.

In effect, as a youth coordinator and a focal person for the Matadi and 20th Street, Sinkor Peace Clubs under Messengers of Peace – Liberia (MOP), I have helped to dissimilate and share Peace messages to hundreds of people through the Messengers of Peace – Liberia’s Advocacy and outreach programs.  In fact, my contribution, most especially in the Peace building arena, is an immense asset to the upkeep of the group.

As a pacifist, I wish to encourage all youths of Liberia and the world at large to join the global Volunteerism Campaign for Peace advancement, acknowledging that Young People have a pivotal function in ensuring sustainable Peace in any Society or Country. 

Let us join this global fight against all types of violence and let us not be used as a tools or instruments of violence. We can be the next Madam Gbowee or Martin Luther King's of Liberia.

Personally, I wish to become a medical doctor in the next five years. And meaningfully taking advantage of my career, I wish to become a central actor of global Peace Mission to achieve Peace especially in the troubled regions of the world.

It is my anticipation, in the next five years, to seeing a world where human dignity and values are venerated and upheld. As a Peace Messenger, I will not be happy or satisfy if my friends and brothers in other parts of the world live in perpetual conflict.

I am ardently convicted that my aspiration is attainable. The Messengers of Peace – Liberia (MOP) is a Pivot I can hinge – onto – to reach my zenith. I am realizing my potential as a Peace Messenger. I am a volunteer and so could you.



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