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After 10 years of unbroken peace in Liberia, many young Liberians must wish they could dispatch the perpetrators of conflict to jail and torment. As is always the case with peace building reconciliation and transformation, this is not an option. Peaceful resolution is always the best strategy.

Liberian youths are being educated through various peace advocacy and education programmes undertaken by Messengers of peace-Liberia.

Reading the weekly stories of our young and enthusiastic volunteer peace messengers has shown the need for Non-Government Organizations and Government to prepare to meet surging demand for peace and civic education programmes in schools and communities.

Our peace based programmes in MOP-Liberia grasp the importance of mobilization hence the need for the expansion of peace clubs in Liberia. This week, our volunteers are in Buchanan preparing Grand Bassa youths to take on additional responsibility for peace.

It’s our belief that the peace consolidation processes and programmes should be upgraded with more involvement and participation of young people. We reiterate, if Liberia is to achieve sustainable peace, it must engage its youths and must invest heavily in human security. For many peace messengers, peace advocacy cum education is not just an inspiration for growth; it is a personal commitment for development.

This week, we feature the story of a young lady, Ms. Fatumata Jalloh. Fatu as she is fondly called is the Peace Coordinator for the Peace Club in Seventh Day Adventist High School in Monrovia.

Since joining MOP-Liberia, Fatu has been a role model for young people; she is a champion campaigner and a strong voice contributing to the campaign for Peace in Liberia.

-Gwendolyn S. Myers/Executive Director-Messengers of Peace-Liberia (MOP)

Read on:

My name is FATUMATA R JALLOH, I am nineteen (19) years old and I reside at Newport street community-Monrovia.   As a prospective graduate of the Seventh Day Adventist High School and a volunteer with the Messenger of Peace –Liberia, I am very much involved in peace campaign in my school and community. As a young Liberian Muslim, I am passionate about peaceful co-existence.

As an intelligent, studious, tolerant, determine, focus and a patience person, the concept that each person should respect the dignity of the next person and live in harmony for the purpose of a peaceful society for all is close to my heart.

Growing up in a post conflict environment of Liberia and unaware of the many atrocities committed during the Liberia crisis, I am cognizant of the effect that the civil crisis in Liberia has on young people. The aftermath of the crisis led to malice and hatred among Liberians over whose fault led to the death of love ones, relatives, and friends.

As a young Liberian woman, I am convinced that peace is eminent to enhance reconciliation and integrate Liberians by the means of putting aside their difference and to build a better nation for us young people and our future generation.

In furtherance of this dream, I joined the Messengers of Peace-Liberia to help fulfill its vision, mission and objectives. The mandate of Messengers of Peace aligns with my inner desire for peace.

I see Messenger of Peace (MOP) -Liberia as a conduit for which messages of peaceful coexistence and tolerance can be channeled to young people and to every sector of our country, Liberia. Messengers of peace are individual believing that with peace all things are possible.

As a peace messenger, I am meaningfully involved in facilitating peace campaigns in my school, home, community and surrounding communities within Monrovia. I have participated in planned Messenger of peace fora, community outreach, and sensitization/awareness program.

My message to young people is that growth and development pursuit should not be shaped by the Liberia crisis but to awaken to the reality that we live in a world of conflict and the victims of these circumstances are young people, knowing that without peace there is no better future.

Hence, each young person should serve as an ambassador of peace in reaching out with the words “With PEACE ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”


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