Messengers of Peace

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The history of the 20th Century has shown that utopian schemes, usually undertaken in the name of collectivities, lead inevitably to military boots crushing the human face. Because all persons are equally free and emphatically are not merely the means to another’s end, each individual bears the responsibility for the choices he or she freely makes.

Since the establishment in September 17, 2008, Messengers of Peace-Liberia, a youth based non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization, has been guided by seven core value commitments that includes, integrity, non- violence, Volunteerism, passion and compassion for peace in Liberia, partnership/networking, social human investment and a unified community.

We believe in integrity of man, the honest acknowledgment of the objective realities of the self and the world; respect for our differences, abilities and diversity and the unswerving devotion to ethical principles.

The sole purpose of Messengers of Peace Liberia is to contribute to the consolidation of peace through dialogue and reconciliation by spreading positive messages of peace, forgiveness, non violence and tolerance. We are actively involved in speaking engagement on reconciliation and peace consolidation in Liberia and we tap into the potential/synergy of youth and engaged their skills in promoting these messages.

We believe in promoting the spirit of volunteerism amongst youths because there is no heart stronger than that of a volunteer. Volunteerism is the wellspring of progress and sustained effort can produce lasting improvement in the lives of people and nations.

Our passion and compassion for a peaceful society is exhibited in various communities and school activities. Our commitment is to deliver a balanced, fair, impartial and transparent peace building programme that will be in line with Mennonite’s commitment to non-violence, non-political engagement and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

As part of our core values, we in close collaboration and networking with strategic partners and working out modalities to strengthen our Peace Clubs in all high schools and communities around the country. The pilot phase of this program commenced in September 2012 to coincide with International Day of Peace and the 21 Days of Activism on Peace and VolunteerismYOUTH PERSPECTIVES ON CONFLICT RESOLUTION, PEACE MAKING AND PEACEBUILDING” At the moment we have 18-20 in schools and communities -functional peace clubs).

We are cognizant of the fact that besides guns or wars, diseases and deprivations also undermine the peace and security of any society and for this reason we believe in a strong social human investment as the chief purpose of the national government.

We believe in a strong sense of a unified community. Individuals have the right to self fulfillment through positive relationships with family, friends, neighborhoods, social groups and fellowships. And we understand that civility is community’s glue.

In pursuant of MOP core values, we intend on keeping the Liberian Public and those in diaspora informed, involved and inspired! The youth group remains sincerely committed to proudly serving Volunteer Peace activists in Peace Keeping Action.

Growing up in a post conflict environment, working on peace initiatives is not just a desire but a calling. As the Executive Director and as the French would say, “Je me sens-ouvert et tolerant.” I feel open and tolerant. Let us read from you as well.

The Messengers of Peace-Liberia will continue to remain open, accessible and inclusive. In closing, these wise reminders sum it up:

“A good Messenger is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others” As the Greek Philosopher -Heraclitus supposedly wrote over 2,500 years ago-“All things change but our values remain strong”

One of the greatest values of our time is “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Peace, above all. Peace First. Let Peace Prevail.


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