Messengers of Peace: The wings of Peace


Nehemiah B. Fensuah is a graduate of Economics at the African Methodist Episcopal University on Camp Johnson Road.

He’s one of the 1,000 (and counting) volunteer peace messengers working on peace advocacy, mediation and volunteerism in Liberia. Drawing on the synergy of these volunteers, Messengers of Peace (MOP) – Liberia has been able to disseminate its peace messages to over 25 percent of Liberian youth.

Our peace clubs — the wings of peace — concentrate mostly in Monrovia and its environs. In the hinterland regions of Lofa, Grand Gedeh, Maryland, Gbarpolu and River Cess, MOP-Liberia is yet to reach those anticipated prime targets.

What MOP-Liberia needs right now is access to technology, social skills and resources that can help get our messages of peace across to young Liberians in the hinterland. We need the connectivity.

As one of the nation’s leading youth-based NGOs, MOP-Liberia is committed to assisting young people across the country to be better informed about peace building initiatives and about the importance of peace in sustainable development efforts.

Our volunteers keep up with us and every day, they go above and beyond the call of duty to sustain peace.

-Gwendolyn S. Myers-Executive Director/Messengers of Peace-Liberia (MOP)-Read on.

My name is Nehemiah B. Fensuah and I am 27. I am a resident of Barclay Avenue, 14th Street, Sinkor, and a graduate of the African Methodist Episcopal University, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 2010. I see volunteerism as a way of giving back to society, contributing, and helping individuals and society at-large. It is working with others to make a meaningful contribution to a better community and society.

Liberia, as a nation has emerged from a 14-year devastating civil conflict that stemmed from bad governance practices and other vices. The effect of the war destroyed the fabrics of our society. Although we have made some gains, by sustaining peace over the past 10 years, and improved governance to some extent, our post-conflict environment is still fragile and there is more work that needs to be done to achieve sustainable peace and development in Liberia.

These are reasons that have motivated me to become a volunteer peace messenger at the Messengers of Peace (MOP) – Liberia.

I see the Messengers of Peace (MOP) – Liberia as one the core non-governmental organizations in the country that are working assiduously with young people to spread messages of peace and non-violence in our country.  As we know that young people make up a huge segment of our population, I see the urgent need to work with young people to consolidate the peace we have enjoyed over the past 10 years.

I chose to volunteer with the Messengers of Peace – (MOP) among others because of the reputation and credibility MOP has acquired both locally and internationally since its establishment in 2008.

At MOP, I’ve worked with the team for the “A Dollar for Peace Concert”, and I look forward to coaching and mentoring adolescent girls and boys in peace building, as well as working on youth engagement and leaderships programs.

I believe that without peace, there is no progress we can make as a nation and world. Peace generates a sense of security in our minds and helps us to live in a society and world which is far better from hostility. Peace is especially important in our society today, because it makes a better environment for the next generation, and helps us to live in harmony.

I will therefore like to encourage other young people to join this great initiative and try to “change their minds and attitudes” to behaviors that foster sustainable peace, reconciliation, and development.

In the next five years, as an aspiring economist, it is my dreams to pursue advance training in Development Economics that will enable me contribute more effectively to Liberia’s post-war development, through devising and executing development strategies in Liberia.

I also plan to prepare myself for a future in development research, as well delving into critical issues viable for informing policy in Liberia and across countries in the sub-region.

Messengers of Peace is a great help in me achieving my goal by rendering me the opportunity to give back to society, and creating a framework that I can work with other young people to consolidate peace in Liberia. We‘re making an investment for peace in Liberia, and through the involvement of young people we’re building the groundwork for growth.  Join us.


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