MESSENGERS OF PEACE, Our Peace Clubs: Volunteer Inspired


Since the beginning of Messengers of Peace, we’ve followed two complementary paths: building innovative youth based volunteering programme for peace, long lasting and high performing volunteers, and doing all we can do to advocate for sustainable peace in Liberia.

Over the past two weeks, we have presented through the wide-angle lens of the Daily Observer in their youth observer column, the volunteer action in various schools and communities.

We’ve got volunteer stories from our peace clubs and you’ll see some of them in this column.

It is our hope that Messengers of Peace-Liberia-Volunteers would serve you faithfully as you, (young people), set out to live your own experience.

This week we’re proud to present our young, energetic and promising, assistant executive volunteer-Ms. Chinyere Joy Onodugo. We anticipate that you’ll be inspired by her story.

Read on:

My name is Chinyere joy Onodugo, I am 16 years of age and I attend the cathedral Catholic High School, Monrovia. I reside at the Red hill’s Field –Lower Virginia community.

Serving as a youth volunteer with Messengers of Peace- Liberia, was an easy decision to come by, I decided to be a volunteer peace messenger in early February 2014 when, Messengers of Peace-Liberia, Executive Director Ms. Gwendolyn Myers, delivered a speech that thrilled me.

She spoke on a lot of peace issues, but I got really interested when she loudly quoted “YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE IN THE WORLD JUST BY PREACHING PEACE”.  All my life, I always thought that, certain work or characteristics were attributed to specific people, but from that moment I muttered to myself Saying: “IF A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY LIKE GWENDOLYN CAN BE A VOLUNTEER PEACE MESSENGER, THEN, I CAN ALSO DO THE SAME OR EVEN MORE”.

Through volunteering as a peace messenger, I am able to resolve conflicts between my friends and family, letting them knows the importance of of peace and also enlightens them on the benefits they stand to gain if peace should always prevail. My first victory in conflict resolution was convincing my father (you need to meet him to appreciate this accomplishment) to approve my decision to volunteer for Messengers of Peace-Liberia. Other conquests in school and home followed.

I want to use my volunteerism spirit to impact on the lives of the people around me. I also want to be heard around the world through my consistent pursuit for positive change by preaching the peace messages to everyone, anywhere and at any time.

In five (5) years time, I want to see myself in different places and different countries talking about peace and changing the world. With my volunteerism skills, I also have an ambition to become a Petrochemical Engineer.

I will be graduating from high school this year by the grace of God; I will attend any university within Liberia that is offering the course I want to do. If Petrochemical Engineering is not offered, I will undertake a major in Chemistry at the University of Liberia (UL) while I quest for a scholarship to go abroad and pursue my heart’s desire in Petrochemical Engineering. My ambition is to be among the first female Petrochemical Engineers to serve Liberia.

MOP teaches me the basic tactics and fundamentals about preaching peace and how to go about it.

I want to use this medium to appeal to every youth within our country to keep peace in everything that we do. I’m advising all youth to eat, dream, sleep, talk and practice peace everywhere and at every time.

To conclude, let it be known that a simple peace talk among ourselves can resolve a conflict that even the UN can not solve by any other means.



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