Messengers of Peace: Building a Child friendly Environment


As promised during the “Dollar for Peace Campaign” drive, we recently commenced the expansion of our peace clubs to Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

My crew (Eno Inwang-Peace Clubs coordinator and Harris Gonqueh-Youth Coordinator) and I went on a two-day mission to Buchanan where we visited and established three peace clubs in three secondary schools – (St. Peter Claver High School, Bassa High School and Seventh Day Adventist High School).

As you are all aware, we have twenty peace clubs established in various schools and communities in Monrovia and its environs. Our peace clubs is not only about building the person but it is also about building a community. Reaching out goal of establishing fifty peace clubs in Liberia by year-end is going to take the support of all of us, as this is not a solo act.

The purpose of our peace clubs is really to sustain peace and build a child friendly environment through appropriate peace education, promoting non-violence approaches to our diversity and inculcate the spirit of volunteerism among young people in Liberia.

Every school day, our young volunteers in various schools and communities with Messengers’ of Peace-Peace Clubs work to improve the quality for life of other people, Activities in the school clubs focus on conflict mediation and resolution and plans for how schools and communities could turn into vibrant and healthy environment for sustainable peace and development.

This week, we feature the work of a young, dynamic and energetic female-Ms. Khadijatu M. Zinnah. She is the peace club coordinator at the Muslim Congress High School, Billimah Bushrod Island Community, Monrovia.  Khadi, as she is fondly called is only 19 years old and has been with MOP-Liberia since 2012.

-Gwendolyn Myers/Executive Director-Messengers of Peace-Liberia (MOP)-

Read on:

Two factors influenced my decision to become a volunteer peace messengers. First is the belief that in every society, peace must prevail. The other is my passion for peaceful and friendly environment.

The Messengers of Peace (MOP) -Liberia provides us with the opportunity to see the possibility of what could be and I imbibe the core values of MOP-Liberia. I find that MOP-Liberia is actively in the field of peace building, volunteering for peace and transparent and these qualities inspire me a lot.

As a peace messenger and as a coordinator for the peace club in Muslim Congress High School, I am actively involved in various peace-building initiatives. I take part in peace advocacy programmes; settle disputes among my peer and volunteer for other community improvement programmes.

I will like to grow and develop in a peaceful society as this would guarantee that I accomplish my pursuit in the field of medicine. In the years ahead and in the next five years, I would like to see a country where citizens are free and not deprived of their rights to co-exist.

My message to all young Liberians is to get actively involved in peace building initiatives and in volunteerism-be it for peace or for other worthy cause.  Young people should be seen as helpers, builders and supporters. I am actually appealing to young people to help themselves and others in any way they can. A good way to start is to join a group.

As for several others, and me Messengers of Peace-Liberia, is truly and really helping to set the pace and to recognize the importance of peace and a peaceful society.  Getting involved and actively participating in peace talks and other activities, I feel the reality of peace.

I transfer the knowledge and skills of peace advocacy to others everywhere I go, to my parents and siblings at my home, to my friends, at school, and in my community, to my peers.

In addition, Messengers of Peace allows me to recognize and give value to volunteerism. This organization provides me with a clear picture of volunteerism, its benefits to self and society and what it means to be in the field of volunteerism.

Without realizing this competence at first, Messengers of Peace-Liberia has over the past months shown me what it means to work as a team.  As a team of young peace messengers sharing peace messages, and telling people, some older than ourselves, what it means to live in a peaceful society, I am now inspired to manage almost every aspect of my life with dignity and respect for others.


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