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This week, we bring the second part of how the way we look at peace has changed. Read on:

The dialogue went on to say, there are two critical issues to consider on the way we look at peace, One school of thought is of the opinion that this is a process and the other is of the opinion that it is the substance.

On the process, it has to be all inclusive, a bundle, one cannot do without the other and on the substance; there is a need to implement the UNSCR# 2250 in line with the sustainable development goals. It is clear that there is need for more effective peace policies and programmes; we also need synergy of programmes and institutions such as providing government subventions to reputable groups working to ensure sustainable peace in

At Messengers of peace (MOP)-Liberia, our vision for peace remains on changed as we continue our five years incursion of taking the lead in the commemoration of the International Peace Day in Liberia. This has been our flag ship and we continue to get better with age.

For this year’s activities, we have outlined, starting this week, a number of activities for our volunteers, radio listeners and the general public at large. Young people, as the theme indicates, would be promoting programmes on the building blocks for sustainable peace. Radio programmes on peace education would be conducted by our young, innovative and energetic peace messengers: Nathan Gbelee, Olivia Livingstone, Nusone Perkins,
Elizabeth Doeblah, Bill Gbafore, Abraham Ballah, Amelia Washington and Jacinta Grasco. These volunteers would, from tomorrow be radio guests on UNMIL Radio, Sky FM, ELBC and Capital FM. Join them.

On Saturday, about one thousand young people would be mobilized from different groups, communities and schools to pray for sustainable peace. The upcoming presidential election would be a litmus test for peace in Liberia. It would be the make or break year and we need to start praying from this moment.

We can no longer afford to remain passive in the face of violent extremism and humanitarian catastrophe of our universe. We need to engage young people through dialogue and mediation.

The five key themes of the 17 sustainable development goals designed to ensure that all human beings can fulfill their potential in dignity and equality in a healthy environment that protect the planet, ensure prosperity, mobilize the means required to implement this agenda and foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies must be translated to action.

In order for principal stakeholders to translate these documents into action, we urgently need to support our younger generations who, presently, are uninvolved, undervalued and sometimes used as tokens to promote others.

The need for inclusive response to sustainable peace cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, reiterating youth involvement as building blocks for sustainable peace is a clarion call to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and build resilient infrastructure as well as foster innovation that sustainable development goals 8 and 9 prescribed.

Until next week when we come back to you with the concluding part of our dialogue among peace messengers: The way we look at peace has changed, its peace first, peace above all else. May Peace Prevail in our time!


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