When we review our recipe for sustainable peace in Liberia, it is not absolute that we have moved in the right direction. That we have moved at all is a marvel given existing bottlenecks of non-ingredient that are readily available around the cooking pot for peace and security.

As mentioned, the heart and soul of peace in Africa is tolerance and trust. Most scholars, experts and volunteer peace messengers for peace, transformation and conflict mediation would argue differently.

It is our position that understanding the Liberian conflict and its aftermath is essential as a recipe for sustainable peace and security. It is our belief that, to do this without compromising the process, there is a need for engagement with young people as an important strategy.

There would always be an eternal quest for youth. The only cohort that fails to recognize this essential recipe for peace is the young people. Therefore, it is critical, at this period of our development to engage young people in a meaningful manner as an involvement that supports.

Liberia, like most countries with young population of over two million youth, would have to rely on young people even to elect its government officials. There is just no other option to the inclusion of young people. A sustainable peace and security in Liberia depends on young people. Their active participation in peacebuilding initiatives, systems, mechanisms and programmes is critical to the attainment of lasting peace and prosperity.

At Messengers of Peace-Liberia, our peace programme incorporates the volunteering spirit of young people; their energy and support are basic ingredients that make our programme come to life. We also recognize that without the meaningful involvement and active participation of young people through access to basic information, supplies, funds and services, gains for sustainable peace and security would be eroded as young people would find other sources, such as activities that might lead to violence and insecurity, to address their basic needs. The risk posed by the non-involvement or tacit involvement of young people in peace and security matter is too high and should not be ignored.

As mentioned during the official launch of UNSCR 2250, rallying government, non-government, international donor community and the private sector to support the inclusion of young people in peace and security initiative is an important strategy.

Thus far, several organizations have made official commitments to implementing the UNSCR 2250 and we look forward to working with our key principal stakeholders. If you’re touched by the launch of the UNSCR 2250 last week and you would like to make contribution or commitment to #youth4peace, please do not hold back your inputs-join us and support the involvement of young people in peace and security. We hope that we can count on you. We need to unlock the peace knowledge of young people for their rapid involvement in peace and security matters.

Until next week, when we continue our dialogue among Peace Messengers-What is your recipe for peace, it is Peace First, Peace above all else. May Peace prevail on earth!


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