One time Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, a former intern at the US state department, once said, be careful what you do to interns, because they might return to be your boss.

We intend to continue this article until we see changes in the system. As long as one woman’s human rights are violated, our struggle is not over; says UN Secretary General-Ban Ki Moon. At Messengers of Peace (MOP) Liberia, the struggle continues for the improvement of women’s human rights, work place empowerment and freedom of expression would not abate.

The logo and watchword for any work place should be UNITE to End Violence against Women. We must remain true to the values. We need to provide leadership for gender equality, equity and empowerment.

We have mentioned before, that the first step in offering a counter narrative to the endless and senseless cycle of violence in the work place or anywhere for that matter lies in promoting leadership among people, particularly young women, that would never be silenced by any form of discrimination, harassment and intimidation.

MOP-Liberia is pleased to note that Accountability Lab- Liberia has begun to reach out to Liberian children on the issue of accountability, which according to Blair Glencorse-Founder and Director of the Accountability Lab Liberia, begins with personal responsibility. He went on to state, “Being accountable means somebody who understands their rights and fulfills their responsibilities.

Society cannot deny or ignore the culture of violence, no matter how subtle it might be. Therefore, as young people we must and should take bold steps to address all aspects of work place mob violence.

Let the intervention and the prevention of work place mob violence begin with ourselves; we must embrace value and moral imperative to challenge status quo and influence others.

Young people are no longer the bastion of old management where man rules. We’re the bastions of new work ethics where respect for diversity and gender equity is the new world order.

Violence prevention, intervention and control in positive work environment require prompt action. Barely two years ago, September 2014, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf intervened in the case of a female police officer when she dismissed with immediate effect the then Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Finance for assaulting a police officer. In her reprimand, she described the Minister’s action as “unacceptable” and hoped that her intervention would serve as a deterrent to others in government who would want to use their positions to abuse and violate the rights of others.

Given ongoing work place mob action in certain quarters, we are not sure if others have learnt any lessons from this.

The establishment of accountability mechanisms should be the motivations of any intervention and prevention component of workplace mob violence. According to UNMIL SRSG, Zarif Farid, “The training and mentoring of senior management and supporting further decentralization of security services at the regional and county levels, and the establishment of county and district security councils” would be important accountability mechanisms.

As young people, we have the drive, strength and energy to steer the process for planet 50:50. Changes cannot be achieved on a stand-alone basis.

According to Nelson Mandela, “Respect for human life, liberty and well-being must be enshrined as rights beyond the power of any force to diminish”
Until next week, when we bring to you another interest generating article “Conditions of Liberian Women, Peace First, Peace above all else, May Peace continue to prevail in our time.


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