Three years ago, MOP-Liberia and a group of committed volunteer peace messengers launched a 21-day peace; volunteerism for peace and development to the sectors of Liberia. Three years later the words spoken by little Remember Jorporlor in Gbarnga, Bong County, a rural part of Liberia mentioned and I quote, “Until, Government can assist us with books, pencils and book bags and make us to have good learning, the children in Bong County will not have total peace, we want good education”, have reverberated in the meeting rooms of the Peacebuilding Commission – UNHQ; conference room of the African Union Building in Addis Ababa and along the corridors of several institutions.

Our lofty objectives to promote and advocate for peace remains unchanged. MOP-Liberia remains unapologetic for its involvement in peace building initiatives. More than ever before, we need peace and we also need to set our eyes on the path to a sustainable future whereby people, particularly young people are free from diseases, ignorance, poverty and oppression.

Every year, and at every given opportunity we call on governments, International Government Organizations and NGOs including the private sector to invest more in human security. We believe that with informed minds and stability come growth and development. Consequently, our focus on a healthy life with improved access to food, water, sanitation and a life where human rights are respected and young people are afforded equal rights and equal opportunities cannot be over emphasized.

New agreements, new UN resolutions and new goals/initiative on peace and sustainable development present new era of opportunities for young girls globally. Agenda 2030 for example would serve as a blue print for action and it is on this note that MOP-Liberia sees a transformative role for young female leaders.

It is our opinion that the role of young female leaders in negotiations and affairs of the nation should be more deliberative and more inclusive than before. Young women should see themselves as champions not beneficiaries of assistance or charities. The violations of our rights by anyone or institutions should be renounced or repudiated.

An important role for young women is their involvement in the global movement for positive change. MOP-Liberia and other reputable NGOs are demonstrating daily that the change we need is not only possible but it is happening. The time is right and the time is now. To build on this momentum requires the involvement of all young women who must be ready to engage, participate and lead.

We must recognize that real change would not happen without action and pressure from young women everywhere. There is a need to hold those before us accountable for past commitments, as we need to hold ourselves accountable for future commitments. As young female peace advocates, we can become better at preventing conflicts and protecting human rights if we get involved. The clarion call is for use to prove our mettle.

It is well documented that women, especially young women, despite several odds, can and do secure progress for all. The solution to our conflicts lies with us and now where else.

Until next week when we come to you with a new piece on “Mob Violence in Work Places” Let’s keep an eye on peace, Peace First, Peace above all else, May Peace continue to prevail in our time.


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