This week, we continue our piece on ‘eye on peace’ in 2016. The dialogue continues among peace messengers and our young readers are being asked, ‘why eye on peace and not ear on peace, or heart on peace or even hand on peace?’ Even our social media posting on ‘water has no enemy’ has drawn some comments and we have appreciated those reactions.

Our intention is not to be controversial but to enlighten young minds on issues pertaining to peace and security in Liberia.

The year 2016 is a year for all young peace messengers to keep an eye on peace. We have before us a number of upcoming activities that are most likely to create chaos if existing threat to human lives across the world is anything to go by.

First is the preparation in place for the Presidential and Parliamentarian elections for 2017, UNMIL drawdown program and high-level corruption in high places that continues to remain endemic in this country.

As messengers of peace, we see, hear and feel the pains of poverty and limited unsustainable development around the country. We also see the unequal and lack of equity in the distribution of our resources. Young people, particularly young girls have limited opportunities to thrive in our society.

In the coming months, Messengers of Peace (MOP)- Liberia would feature stories of missed opportunities and offer opinions on how to remedy them. When we keep an eye on peace we tend to work together.

By working together, we share common values and can therefore achieve the objectives to sustain peace, eradicate poverty and promote a life of dignity and opportunity for all. Keeping an eye on peace does not mean looking for the values that bind us to peace, it means having a desire and passion that guide our action for sustainable peace.

Among the live enriching gifts that I received this year is a book-‘Rules for A Knight’ written by Ethan Hawke. The book is a series of ruminations on solitude, humility, forgiveness, honesty, courage, pride, cooperation, grace and patience that draw on the ancient teachings of Eastern and Western philosophy, and on the great spiritual and political writing of our time. I would like to encourage all young people to read it.

The part which resonates with me the most is on cooperation and I quote.

“Each of us is walking our own road. We are born at specific times, in specific places, and our challenges are unique. As knights, understanding and respecting our distinctiveness is vital to our ability to harness our collective strength. The use of force may be necessary to protect in an emergency, but only justices, fairness, and cooperation can truly succeed in leading men. We must live and work together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Keeping an eye on peace is not and should not be the prerogative of one person or one organization; it is for all of us.

Until next week when I bring to you another article on the role of young women in peace, let peace continue to be in your heart. Peace above all else, Peace First and May Peace Prevail.


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