2016 started for some slow, for another at the normal pace of events, no change and foreseeable changes and for many in the Middle East, Europe, H-Bomb tested North Korea and some parts of Africa like Burundi, Central African Republic (CAR) and South Sudan, it was fast and furious. The turbulent period of 2015 resonated with many countries unabated. The violent trends across the globe as observed by many peace messengers paints a troubling future for younger generation and one that requires us to keep an eye on peace.

A young peace volunteer messenger asked during a peace dialogue, “why is it necessary for us to keep an eye for peace and not violence? Another responded by saying, peace interprets the development of any nation or individual. She went on to narrate how the advancement of other countries show us how a peaceful cohabitation transforms to growth and how the responsible involvement and participation of its young people lead to the consolidation of peace.

Violence, in any form, shape and size, is glamorous and people, either as individuals, groups, make money from violence. Our current fire-brigade approach to addressing conflict is not yielding the desired result; consequently, it is important to keep an eye on peace.

There is an urgent need to integrate the tools that are changing the violent landscape of our globe. To be a peace advocate, it is also required of your to be a peace messengers, and with the ever changing events of our time, it is necessary to keep current with what’s new and required to advocate for peace. The UNSC Resolution 2055 adopted last year provides just the necessary platform for us to keep an eye on peace.

At Messengers of Peace (MOP)-Liberia, we would continue to work with our volunteer peace messengers in various schools and communities at both national and sub-regional levels. The game plan would be the implementation of the UNSC 2055 and the adoption of the principles of the 2015 Amman Declaration on Youth, Peace and Security.

Partnership for peace is essential to support peace building and peace consolidation initiatives. No single organization or individual can guarantee world peace. It is by working together that we could strengthen peace and ensure a life of dignity and opportunity for everyone. MOP-Liberia, intends to tap into the support that would be provided by the private sector, international organizations and Government buy-in. The time to focus on peace is now and we have to act now. Not later.

In his last year’s statement of the year, the UN Secret arty General, Ban Ki Moon admonished the world to “ set our path toward a sustainable future whereby people are free from poverty and enjoy a healthy life, getting the food and water they need… where human rights are respected and women and girls are afforded equal rights and equal opportunities” It is obvious that we need to change our strategy for peace and mutually commit to peacebuilding for sustainable peace in Liberia.

In 2016, the opportunities are many and the meaningful participation of young people is critical to ensuring effective peace consolidation.
Until new week when we come to you again with another edition of “Eye on Peace”, it’s peace above all else, peace first and may peace prevail in our time.


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