Recently, we wrote about Partnership for Peace and Partnership building. We concluded that fully embracing partnerships and collaborative networking; either formal or informal; is the only way of doing peace business.

Saturday, 15 February, at the Peace Concert organized by Friends of MOP-Liberia to close the two months long “A dollar for Peace Campaign”,  we demonstrated that to be effective, partnerships must drive programmes, funding and new initiatives and make the process work smoothly. We have come to recognize that when individuals, organizations, especially the private sectors see that partnership is making a contribution; they are more willing to be a viable peace partner.

As Executive Director of Messengers of Peace, I am proud to announce that the Dollar for Peace Campaign formally launched in 20 December 2013 (first fundraising event for MOP) was very successful. While there is no much money on hand, only renewed hope because of the several pledges in place to grow and expand our programmes.

It is on this premise that we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to the following groups and individuals…

Daily Observer Newspaper

The Catholic Church-Liberia

Madam Leymah Gbowee (2011 Nobel Laureate)

Friends of Messengers of Peace-Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Sweden

Dr. Samuel G. Doe (Senior Policy Advisor-UNDP New York)

Community Outreach, Public Information Office-United Nations Mission in Liberia

Mr. Kenneth Best (Publisher & Managing Director-Daily Observer Newspaper)

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Mack Capehart Mulbah

Mr. Pewee Flomoku

Mr Almami Cyllah (Regional Director IFES)

Radio Veritas FM 97.8

Hot FM 107.9

Peace building Office (PBO)-Liberia

Heart Beat Record Crew

Bernice Blackie

Board of Directors, Messengers for Peace-Liberia

Volunteers/Peace Messengers of Messengers of Peace-Liberia

….and many other colleagues and contributors who made our first annual dollar for peace campaign successful.

After an intensive campaign to raise funds for our peace clubs, we would like to thank the general public for their generosity these past months.  The campaign offered everyone (including school children) an opportunity to contribute to the peace club project through peace offerings, pledges, naming opportunities, or private donations. The dollars, gifts and encouragement made it possible for us to be of service to everyone especially young people.

As most young people write to us to thank us for the hands we stretch out to them, we are constantly reminded of how your generous donations and support make it possible. For this and many more, we at Messengers of Peace are truly grateful.

My father often said, “Success is never final and there’s no finish line”. In the months ahead, we will follow-up on the pledges and provide you with activity reports of the number of peace clubs established in various schools and communities in the counties. The mission of each peace club would be to raise, public awareness of peaceful co existence, promote peace and non violence, and encourage social support system for the resolution of conflicts.

Thank you again, for supporting our efforts, for loving our volunteers, and for being a part of making positive changes in the lives of many young people in Liberia. You made your mark in laying a firm foundation for many and we are appreciative.

Until next week, remember: Peace, above all, Peace First. Let Peace Prevail.


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