Dialogue Among Peace Messengers: A New Chapter for Peace- Part 3


By Gwendolyn S. Myers, Founder & Executive Director, Messengers of Peace-Liberia (MOP)  Inc.

It was John C Maxwell who once said that “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” Last week, our new office located on 14th Street, Sinkor –Tubman Boulevard was graced with the visit of UNMIL D/SRSG-for Political & Rule of Law; Mr. Waldemar Vrey who is a mentor, a leader and a special friend of MOP-Liberia.

During his visit, D/SRSG Vrey offered his perspective on various issues particularly the linkage between rule of law and sustainable peace; he supported the Institute for Peace Dialogue at MOP-Liberia by donating office furniture and reiterated his commitment to the work of MOP-Liberia.

MOP-Liberia values D/SRSG’s role as a proponent of peace, stability and prosperity in Liberia. His contributions to the work of MOP-Liberia would remain indelible.

As a follow-up to this important visit and in preparation for another of such visit, MOP-Liberia would organize its first seminar at its Institute for Peace Dialogue on “Expanding the Reach of Young People to Sustainable Peace.”

The seminar in close partnership with the office of the D/SRSG-UNMIL would show how young people and youth-led as well as youth-based organizations can contribute to the New Chapter for Peace in Liberia and when it comes to leadership peace and development; what would be the inputs of young people. How can Liberia develop young leaders for sustainable peace?

So far, Liberia has not been able to gauge the effectiveness of its peace leadership development efforts, and the way forward would be to build on the “Enhancing Youth Participation Programme by UNDP & UN Peacebuilding Fund; undertaken during the last Presidential and General elections.

The challenges before the new government are many; from high youth unemployment to implementation of the recommendations of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Young Liberians, especially those in leadership positions now need to pick up the mantle and expand the reach of young people to sustainable peace.

MOP-Liberia is pleased with the appointment of young leaders to Government positions and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to consolidated peace of Liberia.

Young people make up the largest percentage of Liberia’s population and it is time to use our numerical strength to promote peace by embracing peace and building partnership amongst ourselves for peace. In our last article on this theme, we mentioned and would like to reiterate the need to establish a youth network for peace.

Our invitation to young Liberians to participate in our monthly writing competition on peace and development, which remains a best practice, is still open. Vetted articles will be published in our weekly column ‘Dialogue Among Peace Messengers’ of the Daily Observer Newspaper.

Ultimately sustainable peace in Liberia depends on us as peace is for everyone. Until next week when we dialogue on “A New Chapter for Peace-Part 4”, Peace above all else, Peace first, May Peace prevail.



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