World Bank Pleased with Usage of Its Ebola Resources


The World Bank Group’s Senior Director, Health Nutrition and Population Global Practice, Dr. Tim Evans, has told the Daily Observer that the Bank is pleased that the Ebola resources it gave the Liberian Government were used for their intended purposes. He spoke with this newspaper on Monday, May 4, at the Bank’s offices in Congo Town.

“I think there has been a very good use of the resources in the field response to the Ebola crisis in making sure that the response was sufficient to really cool down and stop the epidemic. The support which went to set up the Ebola treatment units (ETUs) and support the logistics and health workers has been very helpful alongside supports and contributions from other development partners,” Dr. Evans stated.

When pressed further to clearly state whether the funds were used for the main purposes intended, he stated: “Yes, our assessment is that the resources for the response have been used effectively to achieve very positive outcomes at this stage of the epidemic.”

Dr. Evans who once served as an Assistant Director General at the World Health Organization (WHO), however, stated that there was still “a little ways to go,” but believes that so far the resources have been spent for the response effort.

He was in the country to represent the Bank in the major health stakeholders’ meeting that the Clinton Foundation, the Liberian Government and others held Monday at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on 18th Street in Sinkor.  

Former President William (Bill) Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Mezvinsky, along with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf attended the meeting.

Dr. Evans, who was in Liberia in October 2014, visited the Redemption Hospital last Sunday, May 3rd. Giving his assessment of last October and his recent visit, Dr. Evans, who is also a medical doctor, stated that it was clear that the triage (where patients are sorted at hospitals) at Redemption is now far different than when he last visited in October when Ebola patients were seen everywhere within the hospital’s vicinity. He stated that during his recent visit, there were no patients in the hospital’s triage. “So, it’s good to see that the scale of the problem has diminished to the point where there are no patients in the triage. It’s great also to see that the whole country has now come this far without a case.”

As it stands in Liberia, if no new Ebola case is reported in the country by Saturday, May 9, Liberia will be declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization (WHO). It now remains four more days to complete the 42 days – two incubation periods of the virus – to be declared Ebola-free.


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