Youth of Operation Attack Plastic Find Support from Frank Artus


Frank Artus, a popular award winning Liberian actor and humanitarian, has joined students of the Operation Attack Plastic that was launched by Monrovia City Mayor Clara Mvogo in December 2015 to appeal to Liberians to keep the streets clean of plastic and other hazardous garbage in 2016.

“I support the operation and love seeing our youths keep our environment green. Global warming is all over and doing such things is an effort to protect our surroundings,” Artus responded when asked by the youths if he supports the effort.

Operation Attack Plastic was launched in the hope of not only giving students the opportunity to get involved with environmental efforts to keep Monrovia clean, but to involve their parents and friends in helping to rid Monrovia streets of plastic.

“We gave 13 schools trash bags, latex gloves and sanitizers for the exercise and students will go all about Monrovia to collect plastic. Any youth who collects the most plastic at the end of the operation will be given a reward. The plastic will be given to Sethi Brothers for weighing and the proceeds will go to the schools for their contribution, but we do not know the amount yet,” Mayor Mvogo stated in a press release.

Meanwhile, students seem eager to find plastics on the streets, which have now become scarce. One wonders if the students are picking them all up or if they are setting a good example for onlookers not to throw plastics on the ground.

“I have two plastics already and can’t find more. I mean plastic is here and there, but I like to pick the clean plastic that doesn’t have any kind of dirt in or attached to it,” Anthony Sikes joked. “Everyone is seeing what we are doing and helping. One old ma helped me with a black plastic filled with plastic from her yard that she swept today, so the message of what we are doing is getting across.”


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