“You are Queen of Monrovia”

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Amid the controversy over the actions of Mary Broh in the “unlawful demolition of homes” as some aggrieved property owners have accused her of doing, she recently received an honor from the ECOWAS Women in Liberia as “Queen of Monrovia.”

At the honoring program on Tuesday, the Chairlady of ECOWAS Women in Liberia, Chinyere Nwabudike, said Broh has tirelessly worked in keeping the city and its surroundings clean.

“We the women of ECOWAS are watching you keenly, and we appreciate what you have done in Monrovia and its environment – indeed you are doing well,” she said.

“In recognition of your outstanding role in our society, especially Monrovia and its environs, and the tedious work you and your staff have been doing to make Monrovia clean, we are happy to honor you with this award as ‘Queen of Monrovia.’ I don’t care what people are saying out there. No matter what people are saying, continue what you are doing as we highly appreciate it.”

Before the certification process, the group also crowned the GSA boss as “The Queen Mother of Monrovia” for her tireless efforts in making the city and its environs clean, asking Broh to cherish and appreciate the title.

Receiving the honor, Madam Broh said she appreciated the group, adding, “Our people deserve better. Liberians deserve better; and they deserve a better environment.”

“A clean city creates a healthy society. Clean people are always healthy. Our environment must be clean no matter what, and regardless of what has been said out there,” Broh added.

“My detractors are just 1%; and therefore, we have to continue the work, although many people call me ‘Mary Break it.’”

The GSA boss, who is also the head of the Presidential Taskforce for the Beautification of Monrovia, called on the ECOWAS Women to help provide business skills training for women in Liberia, adding that they should also help provide training for young girls and women in the area of business sustainability, calling it their “weakness.”

“Even though they are in the informal sector, we like to make sure that you teach them,” she added.

Broh also stressed on collaboration for cross border trading for the women, saying it is useful for them to find out what others do in their countries as well as “helping each other for the growth and betterment of the country.”

Meanwhile in a telephone interview last night, Madam Broh reflected on the exhausting job being done by the Presidential Task Force to get the city of Monrovia cleaned up.

“Right now everything is up in the air because of the case in court,” Madam Broh said, “but you know that our mandate ends this coming Saturday and with President Sireaf’s arrival it could be extended.”

Madam Broh expressed appreciation to members of the Presidential Task Force and invited our reporter to join her at the compound of the General Services Agency (GSA), “to see the difficult job that is being done to get the city cleaned.”

“You will not be able to eat after you are done with the job, I can tell you that,” Madam Broh warned, but added, “It is good job we are doing as you realize that many of the areas are unhealthy and the task force members have done a great job.”


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