‘Women Are Major Contributors to the Nation’


Romell A. Watson, a Liberian women’s rights activist working at the Ministry of Finance, has described women as major contributors to the nation.

Ms. Watson said that they should be treated as companions and equals by men.

In an interview with Ms. Watson at her office at the Ministry of Finance on Friday, January 17, she said Liberian women have been marginalized by their male counterparts in almost every aspect of life without any regard for their contributions.

She said that selling in the market and other areas was one way for women to contribute to the economy. Ms. Watson said men should show respect to the tedious tasks these women perform for the sake of the nation’s development.  

“Women selling in the market are relevant contributors to the Liberian economy; that is why we must include them in all discussions regarding building our nation,” she asserted.

Ms. Watson pointed out that for this to happen Liberian men must support their women. 

“If you educate a man you educate a man; when you educate a woman, you educate a generation,” she said.

Ms. Watson highlighted the progress made in the Sirleaf-led administration in the areas education, free speech, and international relations. In spite of these gains she expressed the belief that we should begin solving some problems without the President.

She also called  on the students of the University of Liberia that are planning to disrupt the President’s annual message to rethink their decision, stating that more is expected from the leaders of the various students unions.

“The President’s decision to set up a committee to investigate the situation is a welcome development, and I hope that the students and administration will embrace any result arrived upon,” Ms. Watson concluded.


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