Woman’s Death Under Investigation


A woman who was discovered dead in the early hours of Tuesday in the Gurley Street community is suspected to be a murder victim.

Tombah James, 24, is said by her tenants and neighbors to have died as a result of being abused by her alleged boyfriend.

According to the Metro Depot on Center Street, the death of Tombah has been forwarded to Central police station for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Old Pah, the brother of the deceased says that he received a call on Saturday, December 20, that Tombah was sick.

"On Sunday, I rushed her to the hospital. She was given a drip and afterwards I brought her home," he stated." People in the yard told me that my sister was beaten up by her boyfriend a couple of days before I could rush her to the hospital. The man is an abuser and beat her up with a rock a couple of days ago," he added.

According to several witnesses living in the quarters, Tombah has left behind a five month-old child.

"Every time the late Tombah went for food, money or anything from her daughter’s father, he usually disgraced her because he didn’t want to see her," Old pah stated.

Aunty Baby Girl, a woman sharing quarters with the late Tombah says she recalls a different incident.

"Officers from the LNP caught Tombah after curfew hours a couple of days ago. They assaulted her after she was aggressive towards them. I was upset about it because she didn't tell anyone and kept it to herself. Then a couple of days afterwards her boyfriend beat her," stated Baby Girl.

The family of the deceased say they will cooperate with the police in the investigation of the death of their loved one.


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