Why Entrepreneurship Should Be your 2016 Goal

FINAL-Women entrepreneurs during the first annual Women's Entrepreneurship Day on November 19, 2015, hosted by Barkue Tubman Zarwolo.jpg

Women entrepreneurs in Liberia with brain power, like Barkue Tubman Zarwolo, are needed role models in the Liberian business society. They are a key component in encouraging more entrepreneurship in women while bringing stability and development to the economy.

In conjunction with Women’s Entrepreneur Day on November 19, Ms. Zarwolo, who was appointed women’s entrepreneurship ambassador for Liberia in 2014 by the United Nations, hosted its first celebration last year. It was a tactical move to help recognize women who sit quietly in their corners, gently fighting a lot of battles they almost always win.

Ms. Zarwolo stated “I didn’t want a day to go by where other ambassadors are carrying on events around the world on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and hence Liberia must host its own.”

To motivate how vital entrepreneurship is, Ms. Zarwolo invited women from government, business, institutes and civil society, giving each woman an opportunity to hear the motivation behind some of their successes and challenges.

“The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was proclaimed in 2014 by United Nations. Wendy Daye founded the day as a way to celebrate women’s businesses around the world and encourage the next generation of women to become leaders. We used the celebration as a way to host a panel discussion to determine if we are moving in the right direction with women and girls in empowering their involvement in micro small medium (MSME’s) enterprises in Liberia, that’s the question,” Ms. Zarwolo said.

Meanwhile, she feels that reflecting on the achievements of dynamic women entrepreneurs who are truly the foundation of which Liberia stands as they inspire to transform Liberia is essential in 2016.

“Liberia should be a place where we and our children can live in peace and dignity and pursuit our full potentials. Day in and day out we see women entrepreneurs on their day and how they earn their income not only the impact on their lives but their homes, children and families and communities. They are truly a testament of what mothers motivated by aspiration to seeing their children live a better tomorrow will do,” Ms. Zarwolo said.

Many women Like Ms. Zarwolo would agree that the power of women is the true engine of Liberia’s economy.

“Let’s take a look at what we can do with our limited resources. Public procurement provides opportunities because it accounts for over 30% of gross domestic product. Because of this, developing countries like Liberia are able to work with the government,” she said during her speech on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

“We asked to pass the small business procurement act, which sets aside 25% of all public procurement opportunities for small, medium enterprises (SME’s) that sets aside a minimum of 5% for women owned businesses. This law is gradually transforming SME’s as they build their capacities to compete and execute their growing government contracts.”


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