When there is No Hospital Bed


Redemption Hospital has been accused on numerous occasions of refusing patients due to a reported lack of beds leaving those with serious medical conditions desperate and at risk of losing their lives.

Last month there was chaos in front of the hospital when a popular Liberian National Police officer known as ‘Elephant’ passed away in front of Redemption’s emergency gate.

“No bed!” shouted the security and nurses who came outside to calm the community members who had escorted their favorite traffic officer to the hospital.

“When his wife and the driver brought him here, he was not wearing any clothes, only boxer shorts. His wife kept wiping the sweat off him while we all tried to get him ‘put on bed.’ Elephant had already passed out and was in and out from being sick,” stated Jolly, a motorcyclist at the scene.

“We tried to get him in but they kept telling us there was no bed and just like that he started shaking and passed away,” he sadly recalled.

Also, a female journalist, who asked not to be named, recalled an incident when malaria and ulcer had weakened her so badly that she was rushed to Redemption Hospital around 7:30 p.m. a few months ago.

“I was asleep because the pain was so much. I recalled hearing them say there was no bed and the cyclist who took me there began pleading with them that I was a journalist who needed help. They eventually unleashed the security on the driver who was asked to take me away because there was no bed. I ended up going home and it was there that I was given all kinds of drugs by a lady in the house until I recovered,” she stated.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, a 36 year old woman known as ‘Water,’ from Point Four Junction, Zimbabwe, was discharged from Redemption Hospital after spending four days there, according to medical attendants at the hospital.

Water was diagnosed and given treatment.

“She started responding to the drugs and because of the lack of space we could not keep her on bed. We are the only government hospital on this end tending to thousands of sick people a day who need beds as well. With the right prescribed drugs, we gave all the protocols to her sister and sent them home,” added one of the hospital’s supervisors. “We cannot control what happened after they left, but we did our part.”

Unfortunately, Water claimed that on their way home, she and her sister got into a verbal misunderstanding.

“My sister wanted to abuse me, started slapping me and reminding me that I’m sick now,” Water stated.

It was then that her sister brought her back and abandoned her at the hospital’s main entrance.

Hungry, cold and wet from the rain that had fallen, our reporter found a dry location for the sick woman to sit until things could be sorted out.

According to them, Water looked ill and seriously disconcerted or confused from dehydration and fever. No one made any attempts to help the dying woman.

Our reporter said she contacted Redemption Hospital and they confirmed that Water had been discharged, adding that: “Her problem cannot be further treated by us; she should seek medical assistance from another hospital.”

Water sat helplessly until the next day and by 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, she was seen lying in a gutter that runs directly in front of Redemption Hospital.

Our reporter felt that time was running out for Water and again contacted a source at the hospital who then notified the hospital of Water’s situation. Based on their intervention, Water was re-admitted and is now in the hospital’s isolation ward.

“She was put in the isolation room where we keep suspected cases and will not know until mid week what her fate is.”

The community members thanked this paper for the timely intervention, but clearly stated that if not for the intervention, Water would have been left at the same spot until she perished.

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