Watching Her Life Flash Before Her: “I Want Her to be Like Me”


Two single parents living with one another share a lot of things in common, including the fact that they are lesbians. What many in their communities, churches, social life and work places don't know about the two women is that they are living together as a couple.

For the past five years they have been secretly living as 'husband and wife' in a small rented room outside Monrovia, which barely can accommodate two people, let alone an entire family.

Mommi, who’s the dominant, masculine one, keeps her hair cut low and feels her lifestyle and preference for women has over the years been a test of time.

"I love women and have suffered because of it. Liberians don't accept this type of fetish and desire that I have for my wife. So we have to try to hide it the best way we can," she shrugged.

What confuses many of their tenants living in the 8-bedroom house that they all share is the fact that these two women do everything together, including taking baths.

"Sister, when you love the same sex, you have to counsel them, the people around you, to help them understand why you are the way you are. They need to understand why my wife and I are doing some of the things that we do, together,” Mommi maintained.

"They understand why I teach my wife that she should never trust or like a man because men have hurt both of us. And because of this, she trusts me and those around us respect our feelings" she revealed.

Because of that trust, Martina, Mommi's partner, says she finds herself satisfied with her life, which she says has never been this good.

"She has put it in my head, her daughters head that we should hate men, that they are no good to us because of many reasons. You pick your own that has happened to you before, either way, all women have suffered behind a man. Our daughter is two years old and we want her not to depend on a man either. Period," she declared.

Meanwhile, I watched a pretty child with carmel skin kick on a football, which seemed to be her favorite toy. When I called the child over to me, she bounced over with aggression and ran past me to pick up a mini sized toy car to play with.

"If you see our daughter, she's already behaving like a boy child. We're training her to love women, because she will never be hurt by one," she said confidently.

“Watching her grow reminds me of how I was brought up and I want her to be like me in everyway possible,” she added.

Martina, who has been unable to have children to date, says as a teen, a man she lived in the house with abused her.

"I don't blame my feeling for women on being raped. But, this man always abused me and there was no one that I could run to and tell. So I grew up with this feeling that my life with a man ever again would be ruined, so I’ve decided to forget about men. I was 18 when I learned how to be with a woman," she revealed.

According to Mommi, who says she gave birth only to please her wife says she tried to find a normal life, but lives and does everything as a man would.

"I wear men’s clothes and I am what you call a stud. And when it comes to the men who see me portraying them, they feel offended at times and humiliate or mock me. But I'm okay with it; I try to block out the rude remarks and evil stares whenever I'm in public places with them,” she added.

Meanwhile, the child who has never felt pain, abuse or reason to hate men or dislike them, watches her parents with love. For her, she trusts that every decision her parents make will be for her best interest.

“What I have planned for my daughter is already working, she gets excited whenever other women come around her, and frightened when she sees men. That’s the reaction we want from her,” said Mommi.


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