The Welfare of Youth and Children Should be Prioritized


The founder and executive director of the Media Women Center for Democracy and Development (MEWOCEDE), Mrs. Patmilia Doe Paivey, is calling on the Government of Liberia to take concrete steps towards the implementation of goal number 4 of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development (GASD 2030).
Making the call when she served as keynote speaker at program marking the celebration of the 2016 Day of the African Child organized by the Pursuit for Positive Action Youth Organization (PPAYO), Mrs. Paivey said, the access to quality education remains a major challenge, therefore, it is important that government guarantees the welfare of boys and girls having access to quality primary and secondary education leading to a better generation of young people.

According to Mrs. Paivey, there are huge number of children whose rights have been violated, while others are being victimized through the acts of rape, child trafficking and slavery among others.

“It is about time that the welfare of children and youth in our society be prioritized. Therefore, on behalf of the Women Working Group on Women Peace and Security, I would like to call on the government to commit and take tangible steps towards the realization of goal number 4 of the GASD 2030,” Mrs. Paivey said.
Goal number four of the GASD 2030 states that, by 2030, there should be an inclusive and equitable quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Mrs. Paivey, who also a member of the West African Working Group on Women Peace and Security, at the same time called on would-be first time voters not to be misled and used by politicians in the up coming 2017 presidential and general elections, but should rather focus on issues that will positively impact their lives as young people.

She added, “As you all leave today, make it your responsibility as young people, especially you the females to serve as agents of positive change within your schools, home and your community.”

The program brought together over 300 hundred students from some government schools in central Monrovia, including the Gray D. Allison High School, Soniwen Public School and the Buzzi Quarter Community School, among others.

The DAC is celebrated on June 16 of every year in honor of hundreds of young students who participated in the Soweto uprising in 1976, protesting for improvement in the quality of their education and demanding their right to be taught in their own language instead of the Afrikaans language of the white South Africans.

The day is also observed to create awareness of the ongoing need for improvement in the standard of education provided to African children.


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