The Tale Of A Sick Family: “Till Death Do Us Part”


Robert Kromah, who sits stiffly in his yard throughout the day, has been sick with tuberculoses for the past 10 years. Being the breadwinner for his entire family, a family that has been ravished by poor health and disease, Robert feels the worst has just gotten worse.

“As of now, my entire family is sick and we have not been able to do or get anything for ourselves.  At the point where we are now, we have decided to just sit it out until the cold hands of death take us away because we’re tired of being sick,” he added.

Entering his yard in the Caldwell community, a mud house built by Robert many years ago is now barely standing. A visible hole at the edge of every corner of the house gives the rats and rodents an alley to move about freely in and out of the Kromah household.

“As you can see, we have nothing.  I managed to build this house right before my daughter died and my wife and I started getting sick like this,” he added.

Upon talking with the last two surviving members of the household who all claim to be sick with TB, Robert began coughing up dark trickles of blood marinated in phlegm, something he says he has been doing for years.

“I died a couple of years ago and was brought back to life mysteriously. Unfortunately for me I have been so ill since then that I just wish I could die again. If you bring a bucket right now, I can cough up enough blood to fill that bucket” he revealed.

According to the 54 year-old underweight man with his sunken eyes, skeletal look and signs of despair, his neighbor found him dead one morning three years ago.

“My neighbor says he hadn’t seen me for two days when he decided to check on me. When he got to my room and tried opening my door, he says I was lying behind it. After breaking into my room window, they brought me outside and called a pharmaceutical doctor who pronounced me dead,” he added,

Mohammed, who has been treating the sick family for years, says the day he found Robert dead. He was sure the man had died because of his poor health.

“Mission ants were all over him. We bathed him and prepared to bury him the following day. On his burial day, we wrapped him in a sheet and placed him in a whole. Before doing so, one woman came with coconut water and started forcing it down Roberts throat to make sure that he had died before we buried him,” Mohammed added,

“He never responded, so we went ahead and placed him in the hole we had dug. Someone among us noticed that the bed sheet near his nose was moving and that’s how we pulled him back out and started beating him back to himself,” Mohammed admitted.

Meanwhile, Robert is not the only one in his family to have gone through an ordeal. According to Robert, he has been admitted to the TB annex three different times, his last admission was stopped after the doctors realized that he no longer had TB.

“They forced me to go home. I told them that I was feeling so sick and wanted to be admitted, but when they ran tests they realized that I had no trace of TB.  All of my HIV/AIDS tests came back negative as well.  But why am I so sick like this?” he questioned.

Robert’s daughter, his only child, suffered terribly before her death months before Robert had the cold hands of death wrapped around him.

“My baby Musu Kromah came home one day sick.  One of her eyes was so badly swollen and infected that maggots were moving from in it. The eye was decayed. With no money or hope, I rushed her to Redemption where she was admitted. While there, Madam Ellen did her normal rounds and spotted my little girl’s eye and rushed her straight to JFK for treatment at her expense,” he added.

“I could never thank our president enough for that.

“Unfortunately, Musu had TB as well and spent almost a year in the hospital, but was treated, eventually got well and was released.

“After her recovery, I received a call from her mother telling me that Musu was sick again. I rushed her back to JFK where she spent three days. I was so sick and unable to visit her. She died within four days of her stay there,” he recalled sadly.

Robert says he was coughing up large amounts of blood when he dug his daughter’s grave and buried her. During that period, his wife was seriously sick and had just fainted and was on bed.

“I buried my daughter alone, sick and all,” he added.

Robert says his family’s health is worrisome and they would like to seek further medical attention to know why.

“Right now we need to do something because the pain, the ill feeling is too much for us. No one in our community comes around us and people are always spying on me saying they want to see the man who died and came back. We need help, please, someone please help us,” he cried.

“My whole family caught TB cause of me and now they can’t get well. We can’t get well,” he added.

Anyone wishing to help should please contact 0770-455-9769


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