The Other Side of It


Miatta has a story to tell, one that describes the loss of innocence.
“Since I was a child, I’ve been living from home to home. I quite recently moved back in with my biological mother and understand why,” she says.
Miatta composes herself just like any normal teenager would; she spends most of her time playing jumprope, kickball and hanging out with friends.
But she hides a dark secret.

According to Miatta, the hardest part of her life is having to answer the one question so many people ask her over and over again.
“Where is your pa?,”
Nine years ago, Fallah, Miatta’s father, was arrested and charged for the rape of a seven year old girl; Miatta’s friend.
“Our mothers went out of town and left us at my aunty’s house for the weekend. My father lived in his own house back then and never had access to us throughout the weekend. I don’t know how she was raped by my father,” Miatta said.
Miatta was five when officers knocked on her mothers door to tell her about her husband’s arrest.
“They said my father raped my friend that weekend and he has been in jail since then,” she added.
Ironically, the complainant never followed the case and, according to Miatta, her father has been in prison for the past nine years without trial.
“I was 10 when my mother told me about my father. And she did so by taking me to the Monrovia Central Prison to see him,”she says. “It was scary, but after he told me his side, I decided not to judge him,” she added.
Since then, Miatta has been visiting her father weekly, never once missing a week.
“My concern is knowing the truth and that can only be done if my father is given a fair trail. Where are his accusers? Since they accused my father, they just left him in prison,” Miatta added.
Meanwhile, Miatta says she wants justice to be served if her father is guilty and set free if he’s


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