The Fight against Rape in Liberia Starts Now


The Million Liberian Women March Around the World, which will take place on April 11, 2015 in several locations, will be the first of its kind to be hosted by a Liberian.

Bernice Mulubah, a Liberian Blogger, promoter and entertainer is the brain behind what she calls, “Spread Your Lappa Campaign,” a crusade to spread awareness on rape.

“This campaign is to help stop rape, sexual assault and violence against Liberian women through the Million Liberian Women March Around the World,” Bernice posted on facebook.

"We are planning a million Liberian Women March Around the World. If you will like to be a part of the planning process, join the facebook group, Spread Your Lappa Campaign,” she added.

Bernice further disclosed that the fight against rape in Liberia will be happening in eight cities in Liberia, to give as many women as possible an opportunity to take a stand.

“Women will be marching in Monrovia, Harbel, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Washington, DC, Forthworth Texas, Minnesota and Norway. It is an awareness campaign that is going to educate how communities can be a part of the solution when it comes to rape prevention,” said Bernice.

Rape is on the increase all around the world including Liberia where it receives little to no coverage, as serious as it has become.

For Bernice and many Liberian women, the campaign will alert other women around the world about the serious rape problem in Liberia and how women standing together can make it stop.


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