Take Time’s Future is on the Line


In the early parts of 2013 we ran across a little boy who appeared homeless, but after intense investigation we learned that he was being taken care of by his vulnerable grandmother Teresa Smith. Teresa, who was very poor and living off the money she made from selling brooms pulled our paper aside and told us the story of six year-old Taketime Smith.

“His mother Jacky is not sound and wanders in the streets from sun up till sun down. Right now Taketime is suffering and so am I. My husband recently died from TB and I have no money or way to make it at all,” she shared with us.

Immediately we featured them in our paper. Fortunately, Hon Richard Tolbert stepped up to the plate and assisted the family with over $10,000ld, money that helped the family greatly.

Ma Teresa, who contracted a serious cough in the mid part of 2014 again reached out to our paper that the house where she managed to keep Taketime and his cousins Savior, Gabriel, Henry, Blessing and Princes had neither roofing nor a front door.
Unfortunately, the deadly Ebola virus was on its rampage at that time and there was nothing to be done.

A Redemption Hospital nurse took Taketime mother, Jacky Smith to a mental hospital for rehabilitation shortly after we featured them in our paper. She was treated and medicated. But, the family says in some point of her treatment process, Jacky relapsed and began wandering the streets again while talking to herself.

“J flo became mentally ill when Taketime was a toddler and that’s how his grandmother took him, but not without a fight. She and the boy hid themselves in an abandoned house under bad conditions after she had to fight Jacky for the boy. Taketime hardly wears clothes or shoes on his feet, the child is suffering” added Junior, the son in law of Teresa.

During the Ebola outbreak, Jacky disappeared and news circulate that she was seen wandering in Sinoe. And like any mother would have done, ma Teresa packed Taketime and her bags and rushed to Sinoe to look for her child Jacky (j flo).

Unfortunately, the cough that consumed the ma Teresa became worse after she arrived to Sinoe. Unknowingly to her grandchildren in Monrovia that she left behind, Ma Teresa passed away in the Sinoe. Word came back to the city that her body was taken away by the Ebola unit.

“Ma Teresa died way out there and left Taketime. Right now we don’t know where he is but we heard that he’s now with his crazy mother, walking around,”

As of now, the daughter of the late Teresa Smith is begging for assistance in getting Taketime back to Monrovia in the care of the government. Its said that Jacky and her son Taketime are stranded in Sinoe.


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