Suffering Grandmother and Grandchild Receive Aid from Liberian Artist


It was a hot but happy day for Ma Oretha and her malnourished grandson Teddy Amos on Saturday February 20, 2016 when they were handed an envelope filled with an undisclosed amount of money, after going public with their grave situation.

“Aye God, you have done it for me oh!” she struggled to proclaim.

For the two years since Teddy was born, Ma Oretha has singlehandedly taken care of the abandoned child with little or nothing. Some days the pair would eat gari; some days they drank water; and on a few occasions, there was nothing there to eat.

Today, Ma Oretha is able to buy soap, medicine and all the things she has craved for with help from Liberian afro/pop artist Augustine G-Rize Cole, commonly known as G-Rize.

Ma Oretha says she has never felt any happier. And in the presence of our reporter, she began calling for soda, food and even found strength that she says she did not have for years, to pick up Teddy and hug him.

“What a joyous day because he gave us so so USD, enough to take my mind of what will happen tomorrow,” she said.

G-Rize, a popular musician known for hits like “Ever had dream,” Tumba” and “LIB Ladies,” has over the years been free handed, a gesture he says he mustered from his beloved mother who passed away in 2007.

“I know how it feels to be poor and in need. I used to help my late mother, may her soul rest in peace, to sell tied coal, water, and know the feeling. I hope this money will do a lot for you; I am not rich but the little I have I will share with you and your grandson because I know what it feels like, Ma. God Bless you and all I ask is that you pray for me so I can continue to help,” he said through video chat.

In our recent story titled “Till Death Do Us Part” published a week ago, Ma Oretha described a very sad situation and how she is afraid of dying without finding someone to take care of Teddy.

“As you can see and only because it’s serious now, I can’t take care of Teddy anymore. I don’t even have strength to lift him up. I’m slowly dying and I will not rest fine knowing that Teddy is here all alone like this,” she said with sadness in her eyes.

“God will Bless G-Rize for helping us because no one has been helping us,” she added.

According to Ma Oretha, she fell ill a little over a year ago while trying to fend for her grandson. His condition was so grave at the time she could not stop thinking about what she could do to save his life. She claims to spend most of her time pondering his condition and not eating enough herself; which caused her recent health scare, one she has yet to reverse.

“I am sick now, I don’t think I will ever get well again because they said its pressure on me,” she added. “I had a stroke and have not been able to really see a doctor. The first time I went to the hospital, they only checked me but we didn’t have money for the other part, the treatment, so I was sent home,” she struggled to explain.

Meanwhile, Ma Oretha is gravely ill and claims it’s all because of the suffering her grandchild has gone through. But today she seems to have a smile on her face and the blank look that she once had is now filled with twinkles.

“G-Rize, thank you! I am not well and cannot show you my real excitement because my spirit is trapped in this sick body, but my spirit is feeling alive inside. He gave us enough to survive for the meantime, thank you again my son,” she said.


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