She’s Vogue and Ready to Turn Fashion into Something Else


Fashion is a quality of life that’s mostly mastered by people of sophistication, importance and drawn to high grade and quality. But with preparation, focus, money and above all, hard work, anyone can become a thriving asset or a fashionmonger.

“My passion is promoting creative arts in Liberia.”

The founder of Liberia Fashion & Arts Council and Liberia Fashion Marketing, Junda Morris – Kennedy’s work over the years has grown a following, many customers and social media platforms fond of her services. She’s been able to keep up with today’s prevailing styles and the needs of those who want to stay up- to -date.

Quite recently Mrs. Junda walked into an opportunity that could reform the Liberian fashion industry forever, at least for now.

“I was named this year as the Liberian representative for West Africa Fashion Awards. I am in the process of nominating Liberian fashion professionals for the 2016 West Africa Fashion Awards,” Junda shared via Facebook.

Having Mrs. Junda participate in such an endeavor could make her Liberia’s biggest fashion icon. It also gives her an opportunity to showcase Liberia’s ‘eye for style’ and encourage further stake holders and fashion designers.

With the much needed exposure in the fashion setting, Mrs. Junda plans on magnifying the art and business of fashion in Liberia.

“My goal is to create awareness about the Liberian fashion industry,” Mrs. Junda announced.

Meanwhile, being the owner of JMKPUBLICIST PR/ Marketing Company, Mrs. Junda says she has experience in making things happen and has represented several fashion brands and musicians.

“Some of my clients include: Tekay Designs, Semoner Designs, 1847 & Co, L’Amour Ameer, Jodi, Jon Bricks, DSP, Bennie OX, Miss United Nations Pageant, Mama Afrika Festival, Atlanta Kids Fashion Week, Chris Collins. The list is so long,” she says.

Furthermore, Mrs. Junda believes the passion that she has for promoting creative arts in Liberia comes from her earlier years.

“I attended the Lewis Nelson Sewing School and Lott Carey Mission Cooking Class. My love for music comes from my grandfather, the late Rev. J.D.K. Baker who wrote music. I also started singing in church choirs at the age of 11 and was one of the youngest to ever sing in the Episcopal Church Mass Choir. I also took piano lessons under Dr. Nyema Jones, a renowned Liberian musician,” Mrs. Junda shared.

A wife and the mother of three says she has been organizing events since she was 13 years old in Liberia and accredits her success to her late mother, Grace Baker Morris, former head of (WAEC).

“My mom told me an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so every vacation I’d put something together for the neighborhood,” she shared.

In the meantime, Mrs. Junda has plans for all those who have been working endlessly towards perfecting fashion in Liberia. With her big seating for the upcoming 2016 West African Fashion Awards, fashion designers have something to celebrate.

“I plan on teaming up with many creative Liberians to produce Runway Liberia 2016, showcase of Liberian Fashion, Music and Arts all on a major international platform. Look out,” she said.


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