Sharing Knowledge to Benefit Younger Generation


Abraham Siafa Gibson Jr, also known as Bob Q’s powerful work of art on his last year’s cut, ‘Never Forget Jesus’, altered my life and made me a supporter in all things good. The song is worth having during motivational moments and is a refreshing memory as to why God’s glory is for all mankind, especially for the youth.

“My current school project is highly inspired by my dad’s encouragement to others on the importance of education. The Kingdom Foundation Academy Junior High School has always been my passion to make a difference in our beloved nation, Liberia,” he said during an interview with LIB Life.

“I’ve dedicated the sales of my second album, including concerts to the school project. Because of that, I was able to get a 10 lot property in Brewerville where I want to build the school,” he added.

‘Where do I begin?

Bursting out of Liberia’s increasingly fruitful Gospel womb, this high spirited gospel artist is happy from front to back. Bob Q’s consistency is impressive, his focus on Liberia’s young community, especially with the start of his recent academy project, is uplifting.

“Even though my father never attended college after high school, his love for education goes beyond just obtaining a degree. He has helped a lot of folks obtain education and he always encourages me to continue with my education and not just my aspirations. For me it’s a way to go. Like they say “Knowledge is power” and such power must be given to our younger generation as a way to change their minds and attitudes for the better,” he added.

A point about Bob Q’s ‘vision’ school is aimed at changing the recent school classification by making it more affordable and enjoyable. According to Bob Q, the academy will focus on paying its teachers and giving them the right tools that will stimulate higher success from students.

“I could list so many great things, plans and features I would love to see implemented by this school, but there is more to come,” he added.
Never limit your challenges

Meanwhile, Bob Q’s evenness is one of his strongest qualities and is a major attribute for the young award winning artist. His talent and social involvement have recently won him another nomination on Liberian Entertainment Awards as the ‘Best Gospel artist.’

“September 2015 I released my second album ‘Jesus Got My Back’ with all the songs becoming an instant hit. “Counting my blessings” is one of the major songs that folks love. They say it’s a ‘feel good’ song,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bob Q’s award winning songs do not make him who he is. It’s the fact that he can take a little bit of himself, his record sales and his ideas and put them all into something industrious for the youths.

In 2008, he opened an advanced recording studio in Liberia during his visit back home and did it through the advice of award winning Prince Sherman Thomas.

“He helped me get the right equipment and upgraded the system for audio recording. Later that year in June, I came up with Liberia’s Best Gospel Vocalist after watching Sunday’s Best, a gospel competition show hosted by Kirk Franklin,” he said.

With the right support, Bob Q ran his first successful competition show in 2014 and was present to see his hard work pay off. And in 2015 there was another one.

“We intend to have another one this year and the years to come. Since 2014, the recording studio, J&B Records has been producing lots of great hit songs and the sounds are said to be really good. I’m blessed,” he jubilated.


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