Reverend Wanted for Rape


A Reverend working at one of the longest running mission schools in Liberia, Fatima Cottage, has been accused of raping a disabled teen housed there.

Since the report of the incident back in August, he has reportedly been on the run.

“He calls his family and some of his friends saying that he is innocent and refuses to turn himself in because he doubts he will be treated fairly,” stated a matron working at the school.

Rev. Denis Togba of the Dixville Township is said to be in hiding after a mentally disabled teen at the mission was discovered pregnant, despite the fact that she has been with the mission for several years.

“Each child is restricted from leaving the campus, therefore they have no access to other people outside other than those who work at the mission school,” the matron added.

The matron said the teen, who is visually impaired and mentally disabled, cried one evening that her stomach was hurting. In the midst of investigating the girl’s problem, she confessed that Rev. Togba had sexually assaulted her.

“My brother Charles Young was incriminated indirectly, but during a meeting we arranged, the girl said Rev. Togba raped her and she lied that Charles did it,” the matron added.

During the meeting, witnesses said Rev. Togba, the administrator of the mission, was asked to get a lawyer if he felt the allegations were not true. The police were later called on the scene.

“Unknown to any of us, Rev. Togba escaped from the group and the police ended up arresting Charles in place of Rev. Togba and took the teen away,” she added.

The mission school has been operating since November 4, 1970. It is one of the longest running mission and orphanage schools in Liberia and has housed hundreds of children.

According to Teta Young, the daughter of Mother Young who is now 92 years old, having such a crime committed on their premises is the first of its kind.

She said that weeks after the incident, all of the children on the mission were taken away by the government in a Save the Children bus. They were given the impression that candy was being divided as the children were escorted into the bus.

“It was not nice how the government took action. Rather than investigate what had happened and arrest those involved, they came and took every one of our 95 children away and closed the mission. They shouldn’t have done that to Mother Young who has done well for the country,” she added

According to Teta, Rev. Togba’s arrest will be important to Fatima Cottage which could lead to a thorough investigation to get the children back.

“Rev. Togba is the accused and if he committed the crime, let justice prevail. Turn yourself in Rev. Togba because your action has affected our mission and has taken away our children,” she demanded.


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