Rape and Consequence:


The first day of September 2015 a premature baby girl came into this world still born. Miraculously, after a touch from the hands of a woman who cared, the newborn took her first breath of air and started her life.

Due to the circumstances in which Miracle (as she was called) was born, there was no help for the family to properly care for her.

The mother of Miracle, a victim of statutory rape, reached out for help to save the life of her newborn. Daily Observer published this story http://www.liberianobserver.com/women/miracle-touch-saved-her-life-0 in the hope of finding immediate help and medical assistance for the baby.

Premature and too fragile, Miracle spent more than a month lying in the same position, according to information reaching the Daily Observer. She spent her days wrapped in three blankets. The family felt that heat rather than a hospital stay would help her.

There was not enough care, food or medicine for the child. Her great aunt claimed that the child’s mother made a mistake in having Miracle.

People have tried to assist the family. “It’s the will of God, he will know what to do,” they’d remark.

Information has confirmed that a routine check on the newborn just days ago indicated Miracle’s skin has three different colors, purple, blue and yellow. She has lost every pigment of a healthy look.

One week ago Miracle has not been eating properly. The young mother is having difficulty with the child due to lack of material support.
Last year, the neglect of a nine-month-old boy was discovered and published in this newspaper and the story can be found here on the internet: http://liberianobserver.com/women/father-9-month-old-flees-after-being-accused-rape.


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