Please Help Save Zinnah’s Life


With fluctuations in commodity prices and the rise in bills, rent, school fees and the standard of living, everything seems uncertain and baffling.

There have been many SOS calls by dozens of parents who want to save their sick or ailing children in the past year, and one of them is Philip Zinnah, Jr., a five year old boy whose life is hanging by the thread.

He is presently in a very bad state, with his ability to urinate cut off and death lurking if he is not treated further as suggested by the Catholic Hospital, where he sits restrained.

“Presently we have a bill of L$107,663 to pay before he can be removed so we can find further funds to get him to Ghana for surgery,” stated his father, Philip Zinnah, Sr.

Back in January 2014, Junior was circumcised by an uncertified physician and in the process, the head of his penis was accidently removed. He was diagnosed with urethral stenosis.

A urethral dilatation was performed on the child on March 1, 2016 at the JFK Medical Center through the intervention of Health Page Liberia’s CEO, Charlesetta Williams.

In May 2016, Junior was again unable to urinate, something that had been happening off and on. He was operated on by a Dr. Sherman at the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, lower Nimba County, where it was revealed that his case “requires surgery abroad by an urologist as soon as possible.”

Since then, Junior and his family have been stuck, unable to take him abroad for the urgently needed surgery. Though they have reached out to people and organizations to raise the money to send the child out of the country, there has been little success.

According to the father, those who raised his hopes to get his son out of the country let him down.

“They promised us all kinds of things, said they had money but then later just turned their backs on us,” he lamented.

Yet still, Junior remains in a critical state, and has not been able to urinate or defecate in weeks. He was recently rushed to the hospital almost unconscious and treatment was administered.

Meanwhile, the family has been urged to pursue criminal charges for malpractice against the person (whose name has not been released) who botched the circumcision. Mr. Zinnah has stated that he has no intention of doing such.

“Presently, they are hard to find; you can’t just find them like that,” Zinnah Sr stated.

Junior’s state is saddening, as he is in a fight that his parents are unable to fight alone.

Anyone who can contribute to saving yet another life, a boy that did not ask to be injured or placed on a critical list, should please help the family get their child to a facility that can save his life.

Mr. Zinnah can be reached on 0770-690-998.


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